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Best Survival Gear – Deluxe 4 Person Emergency Survival Kit

The deluxe four person survival kit ranks among the best survival gear. This kit contains more items to offer protection in all types of emergency including floods and hurricanes. The back pack kit is designed to help you be prepared for any types of emergency both at home and at work. Water and food in the kit is coast guard approved and has a long shelf life of five years. Considering the utility of this kit and what it packs, it is no wonder therefore that it ranks very highly among survival gear.

Survival Gear

Product description

The deluxe four person emergency kit is more than just an emergency kit; it is an all round survival kit. It contains several items that are very essential in emergency situations especially those that require survival for a given duration of time. The following items are included to ensure one is aptly prepared:

· One backpack

· Four food bars, 2400 calories each

· 4 solar blankets

· 24 pouches of water to ensure users are properly hydrated

· 4 dust masks to offer protection from dust storms

· 4 ponchos

· One flash light for the night

· Two alkaline batteries for the flash light

· One two-person tent

· 50 inches nylon cord

· One 12-hour light stick

· Fully stocked first aid kit

· 50 water purification tablets

· 50 water-proof matches

· Utility knife

· FM radio with batteries

· A pair of leather palm gloves

· Campers’ stove


This kit weighs 20 pounds shipping weight. With an average review of 4.5 out of 5 stars and number 75 rank in emergency and survival kits, it is no doubt that it is worth the amount of money it goes for.


· The back pack is large and sturdy and has the ability to last for a long time. It is of a very high quality.

· The 2400 calorie energy bars are essential for survival however they can be replaced with something that suits ones personal taste e.g. jerky or cliff bars

· Water pouches are an excellent addition especially for those facing desert or hot weather conditions

· The high quality back pack is well packaged for emergency situations

· The water comes in plastic pouches which are reseal-able and have a drinking spout to ensure that the water is always kept clean

· The water purification tablets are essential for safety and hygiene.

· The food rations that come with this kit are not thirst invoking therefore allow the users to minimize on their water intake.

· The emergency blankets are large enough to rig something up so as to adapt you to your situation.


· The water pouches are an unnecessary addition for icy conditions. One could always melt the ice.

· The rain ponchos, gloves, flashlight, batteries and knife are not of the best quality. The ponchos are only made to last for one or two days. These however can be replaced with items of better quality such as heavy duty flashlights, candles, more glow sticks and better quality knives.


From customer’s reviews, especially those who have experience with emergency kits, there’s is no doubt that the deluxe four person survival kit is among the best survival gear.

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Best Survival Kit Available Today

January 27, 2014

A survival kit won’t be complete if it doesn’t contain one or two multi-tools. The advantages of having a multi-tool are numerous, the most important of which is the fact that a person can perform different things with just a single tool. For a kit to be considered the best survival kit, it should include a sturdy and high-quality multi-tool like the ones being offered by the Leatherman brand. Another obvious benefit of a multi-tool is that it’s very handy and it does not occupy too much space. It can easily fit into someone’s pockets. That’s why it’s a popular choice among travelers, hikers, and adventurers. As was mentioned earlier, Leatherman has some of the best multi-tools in the market. These include the following:

Survival Kit

The Leatherman Micra Multi-Tool

When it comes to tough tools in small packages, the Leatherman Micra is the perfect example. It has 10 tools all packed in one. And since it’s lightweight, it can fit very well into tackle boxes, purses, pockets, or even sewing kits. It’s a tool that’s suitable for people who are constantly on the move. It’s also a great addition to a key chain because of it’s small size and minimal weight. Some of the tools included in the device are scissors, a nail cleaner, a bottle opener, a mini ruler, a clip point knife, tweezers and screwdrivers in varying sizes. All these fold very well into the device. In short, it’s a handy tool that’s not only efficient but sturdy as well. It’s manufactured from 100% stainless steel so it’s not that susceptible to wear and tear or rust. The only drawback in this tool is that because of it’s small size, it’s not appropriate for tasks that are voluminous like cutting through larger wires of stacks of hard paper.

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The Leatherman Charge TTi Multi-Tool

With a handle that is made from alloyed titanium, this multi-tool is both tough and resistant against corrosion and rust. One of the main features of this multi-tool is the great design which allows for ease in using it. Handling and making the tools work is comfortable which can’t be said about its competitors. Furthermore, the steel blade is one of a kind. Manufactured using S30V stainless steel, it’s very hard and has excellent edge retention. Among the tools included in the device are pliers, screw drivers, scissors, wire cutter, a bottle opener, a wine cork opener, and a crimper. And last but not the least, the tool comes with a 25-year product warranty. Among the cons of this multi-tool is the fact that not all the tools in it are made from titanium.

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The Leatherman 830160 Surge Pocket Multi-Tool with Nylon/Leather Sheath

This makes for a great addition to any survival kit. Filled with tools like pliers, blades, cutters, crimpers, screwdrivers, bit drivers, and lanyard rings, this tool can get a lot of things done. And of course, there’s the sheath made from leather and nylon that comes with it.

These three Leatherman multi-tools are indeed among the most reliable multi-tools in the market today. A survival kit won’t be complete without any of them.

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Emergency Car Kit – Ultimate Set Of Requirements To Survive On The Road

Emergency Car Kit-“Survive the Road”

An Emergency car kit is similar to that of a life boat in a ship. It is absolutely necessary to have one that could help in times of emergency. The car emergency kit can save time by providing backup in during an emergency situation.

* Clore JNC300XL Portable 12 V Jump starter:

The device charges very quickly and is able to hold charge for several months. The device is very light and compact. Hence it is very easy to use as well as store the device. The battery of this jump starter is a lead acid battery and hence it provides more power without getting damaged easily. The only problem with the device is that, the battery will die off and become un-chargeable if it is kept for several months without using.

Emergency Car Kit

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* Cobra 29 CB radio:

This device can be used to access various weather stations while driving a car. The radio automatically tunes to any of the 10 nearest weather stations out of the 40 stations or tunes according to pre-set options by the user. The radio checker diagnostic tool provides critical information such as RF power, battery voltage and the condition of antenna. The radio alerts the user on severe weather conditions and is one of the best of its kind. The problem with this device is that, all of the parts are made of light plastic and are very fragile.

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* Clore ES 500 Portable Booster for battery:

The Clore ES 500 is one of the best devices in the Emergency car kit. The device is used to power up and start high power car engines. It has a peak current of 1500 amps with hot jaw clamps. The main advantage with the device is that, it doesn’t get overcharged and can be left plugged in without any fear of getting damaged. The device can also handle heavier duty batteries and can virtually power up any car engine. The problem with this device is that, it doesn’t have an accessory power outlet to charge smaller devices such as the cell phone.

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* 3M Headlight removal kit:

This product follows a simple 5 step mechanism to clean up the head light lenses. The product includes an abrasive compound, which could be used to remove the yellowish tint on the head light. It also has a polisher that could be used to polish the lens surface and give a whole new look to the head light. This product could be used with both head as well as tail lights. The minor disadvantage with this product is that, it is difficult to store it in the pouches provided by the manufacturer and hence can’t be saved for future use.

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* Resqme Key chain Car escape tool:

The Resqme key chain is an emergency car kit that is very useful in getting out of the car during an emergency situation. The key chain has stainless steel blades, which could be used to cut the seat belts immediately. The spring loaded spike can effectively break through any car glass and facilitates easy escape from the car in case of an emergency.

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Emergency car kits can protect people from disaster and prevent the situation from getting worse. It is always better to keep an emergency car kit inside the car to avoid disasters.

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Factors To Consider When Buying Survival Aids

Buying proper survival aids is by far the best ways to prepare for or deal with emergency situation. Usually, in case of an emergency, the likelihood of switching to new environment or finding yourself in a very discomforting situation is inevitable. However, In spite of the discomfort caused by these emergencies, there is some good news, this is the fact that survival aids help create a more comfortable surrounding consequently making you comfortable once again.

However, taking into consideration the above, choosing the most comprehensive survival aid might turn into a daunting task. This being the case, here is an overview of the factors to consider when buying survival aids regardless of the situation. They include:

Survival Aids

Availability of all essential supplies

The best survival aids are those which comprise of all essential supplies. These supplies should include water since most survival kits usually don’t have water packed. In case you are not aware in an emergency, all essential supplies especially water play crucial roles as far as survival is concerned. In short, take time to examine the survival kit to make sure that it contains everything [that water, emergency lighting, matches etc] crucial to your survival in any situation.


Make sure that the supplies of your survival aid are top of the line. The best way to do this is to take time and find out from the provider where exactly the supplies are outsourced from. Items such as compasses should be flawlessly functioning well, knives should be sharp and of high quality and characteristic of very sturdy handles. Don’t yourself be tempted into buying cheap survival aids since they will cost your survival.

Expiration dates of the survival aids supplies

Find out from the survival aids provider the exact expiration date of the items on your list. In addition to this find out more about them especially when exposed to harsh conditions. This is important since it will help you figure out the best way to handle yourself using the supplies of your survival aid when struggling to survive.

Ease of use

Take into serious consideration the ease of use especially ease of opening the survival aids during an emergency. This is very important to avoid having yourself grappling with a zipper in an emergency.

Survival Aids


Take time to compare the price of the survival aid against the supplies provided for. When doing so focus on whether the supplies available meet all of your survival requirements. In short refrain for paying for survival aids products which are expensive yet they do not guarantee you’re your survival in case you find yourself in an emergency.

Finally, make sure that your choose survival aids which suit all situations [both outdoor and indoors]. Remember for any situation you get engaged in you should have proper survival aids on standby to allow you buy time as you wait for help. Everything taken into consideration it is safe to conclude that when shopping for the best survival aids consider factors such as expiration dates, pricing, quality, availability of essential supplies as well as ease of use since they collectively guarantee your survival in case of an emergency.

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Guide For Packing Survival Kits

Although disasters are unavoidable, you can strongly increase your chances of survival by packing survival kits for yourself and your family. Survival kits are extremely helpful and can literally end up saving your life in case of an emergency.

By knowing exactly how to pack survival kits and ensuring they are adequately stocked with all the essential items, you will have prepared yourself and your family to get through the worst. Surely, this is very important but how do you do this? Well, this can be quite challenging but don’t worry. This short article will give you guidelines on packing survival kits.

Packing Survival Kits

Think ahead

One of the most important things you should do when packing survival kits for your family is to think ahead. Picture the fact that during a disaster day, your family daily life will be disrupted and even the comforts and necessities that your take for granted will be in short supply or non-existent. There may be lack of water or your supply may become infected with hazardous material. Trips to shops may be long or even impossible. In addition, medical professionals may take long to get to you and even if they do, they will already be stretched to the limit.

By thinking ahead, you will be able to figure a lot of what you need to include in your survival kits. However, just to give you a general yet very useful guide on packing survival kits, read the following short steps.

Get a metallic container

First of all, you need to get a stainless steel coated metallic container into which you will put your survival essentials. The container should be strong, study and rust resistant. It should also be spacious enough and if possible, divided into compartments to hold items separately. Note that if you are preparing survival kits for your children, backpacks are ideal because even small kids can comfortably carry them.

Packing Survival Kits

Pack food items

You need to make sure that you have adequate food to last your for at least 7 days in your survival kit. Ideally, carry preserved, canned or dried foods. These are the best because they stay fresh for long and their nutritional content remains unaltered provided they are consumed before their expiry dates. Also make sure you have adequate water to last you for a week. A fish line and a hook are hardy just in case you run out of food.

Have items to start a fire

When disasters strike, you may find yourself stuck in the cold bush for nights. It’s therefore important to make sure you have items needed to start a fire while packing your survival kits. Make sure you add waterproof matches, aluminum foil and wax paper to your kits. Old newspaper may also work well provided you keep them dry.

Packing Survival Kits

Include multi-purpose items

When packing your survival kits, include multi-purpose items such as a knife and a plastic poncho. The bright color of the poncho may attract help when raised and at the same time keeps your body dry and may act as a cover for your shelter. Bright emergency blankets and garbage bags can also keep you warm and dry but catch an infection. Also include pain killers and emergency medical supplies such as gauze, bandages, scissors and cotton wool. Injury treatments such as betadine are also one of the items you should not leave out when packing survival kits for your family.if waved in the air, they signal passing air traffic.

First aid box

Lastly, packing your survival kit will not be complete until you include a first aid box. Include broad spectrum antibiotics such as amoxyclave.

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Office Survival Kit for Businesses

Office Survival Kit for Businesses : An overview of the basic urban survival tips and supplies

Disasters are very unpredictable; they can strike at any time regardless of the time and place. This is very bad news for businesses since without proper emergency preparation plans which feature office survival kit for businesses among other things, emergencies [whether man made or natural] are most likely to tear them apart taking into consideration the extent of loss likely to be incurred without a comprehensive emergency handing plan in place. Good news is: for businesses and offices there is an easy way to deal with emergency situations. This involves taking advantage of survival kits for business to plan in advance on how to provide your personnel and operational assets full security.

Office Survival Kit for Businesses

To help you out, here are a couple of ideas to compliment your plans as well as tips which will help you make the best off office survival kit for businesses. They include:

1. Tips for making the best off survival kit for businesses

a. Stay Informed

Make sure you are fully informed of all possible emergencies likely to affect your business.

b. Engage in continuity planning

Take time to assess how you business operates both externally as well as internally.

c. Draw up an emergency plan

Draw up an emergency plan which has the safety of your employees and your assets as the highest priorities since these two are the most important aspects of your businesses existence. The two form the core of existence of any business.

d. Make sure emergency supplies are always available

Make sure that the survival kit comprises majorly of the basics of survival that is sufficient water, food and access to clean air/warmth.

e. Take precautionary steps e.g. train on how to handle emergencies

Feel free to train your personnel on the best ways to handle emergencies such as fire, medical emergencies.

2. Constituents of an ideal survival kit for businesses

a. Tools

Make sure that your survival kit has the following basic tools for survival, 16 function knife, duct tape, dust masks and dotted working gloves.

b. Food and water

Make sure that you have set aside enough food and water in your officer survival kit e.g. water, food bars, water purification tablets etc. Whatever you set aside should be a mix of different nutrition for any type of disaster. Also preferably, settle for food products which have shelf life of a few years.

Office Survival Kit for Businesses

c. Light and means of communication

Make sure you have set aside a means of communication to avoid having yourself stranded without any means to contact any outsiders for assistance. Preferable have a couple of wireless handsets and maybe a pair of 5 in 1 survival whistle. Apart from communication, ensure that you also have a source of adequate light e.g. a rechargeable squeeze flashlight might work or alternatively a 36 hour emergency candle and a box of water proof match sticks.

d. Shelter and Warmth

There is absolutely nothing worse than trying to survive without proper shelter. This being the case, make sure your survival kit has a few survival blankets, tube tent with extra ropes etc to provide you with the shelter and warmth to survive through an emergency right until help arrives.

e. Hygiene, sanitation and Fast aid

For your own hygiene and proper sanitation include the following in your survival kit: pocket tissue packs, air freshener and a portable first aid kit

f. Miscellaneous

You can arrange and have a pack of playing cards for entertainment. These are meant to keep you occupied right until situation changes.

Bottom line

Above are the details, tips to familiarize your with as well as tricks for making the best of survival kits for businesses. Feel free to go over them in order to come up with the most comprehensive kit that will help see you through a rough patch running your business.

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Survival Kit Essentials

A List of Survival Kit Essentials

Disaster is something that comes without notice, and cannot be avoided. Be it a possible earthquake, a hurricane or a national emergency, it is important that you have the necessary items to survive during that time. Below is given a list of survival kit essentials, to help you gather and keep all important things ready.

Water – it is not easy to store water for a very long term need. So, you need to consider many options like stocking what is possible, rain barrels to collect water, and water purification for sources like lakes, creeks and other untreated reservoir.

Food – there are many options like freeze dried food, dehydrated food, smoked beef and seafood, canned food and so on. The best thing about freeze dried and dehydrated food is that they take little space and provides nutritious substances with no cooking needed.

Survival Kit Essentials

First aid kit – your home survival kit should have a first aid kit. This kit should include items like bandages, antibacterial cream, antiseptic wipes and so on. You should also have a space blanket, scissors, tweezers, and an instruction guide on how to perform a basic first aid.

Medications – If you have been prescribed any medications, you should keep a 7-day supply on hand. It is also important to keep a supply of common medications like pain relievers and Benadryl.

Flashlight – a flashlight can prove to be of great help and so make sure you include it in your survival kit, also make sure to keep enough fresh batteries.

Cell phone – a cell phone will help you stay in touch with the outside world in times of emergency. Having a cell phone is important, but it also essential that you have a method of keeping the battery charged, even when the grid is down.

Survival Kit Essentials

Hand crank radio – a hand crank radio will help you get information about the outside world, and thus has an important role to play. Try to get a radio that helps you get the NOAA weather reports.

Cash – your emergency kit should always have some cash. Make sure it includes smaller bills so that you do not have to worry about a change during emergency period.

Multipurpose tool – these tools are absolutely important as they can do many jobs when you are stuck in an emergency situation. Instead of stocking in larger tools, it will be wise to keep a multipurpose tool that will do the same job.

Maps – even though you feel you have enough knowledge about your area, your emergency survival kit should have detailed plans included. After an emergency, things may look different, and in such situations, a map may help you reach to safety.

These are only some of the items that you should include in your survival kit, and you can include other items depending on the needs of your family. When you have these items ready, the chances of you suffering serious consequences due to natural disaster or other issues becomes narrow. Though you cannot be completely ready for every type of emergency that can likely occur, but being prepared with the survival kit essentials can definitely give you the peace of mind.

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Survival Kits For Groups – Emergency Kit For Large Groups

Protect yourself as well as your group with Survival Kits For Groups

It is always better to carry an emergency kit along during a travel. The backup kit can help one to survive during an emergency condition and prevent disaster. There are several Survival Kits for Groups as well as individuals that could serve the purpose during an emergency condition. The Economy Emergency kit with Honey bucket is one such emergency kit for groups which is highly useful for individuals as well as group travelers. It can help one to face a disaster situation and survive longer by providing basic facilities such as food and shelter that humans require. The Survival Kits For Groups is one of the perfect items that could be included during emergency survival kit


Contents of the Emergency Survival kit:

The Economy Emergency kit includes some of the basic non degradable food items such as honey, food bars and water which could be very useful during a disaster situation. Honey is the only food item which doesn’t change over time. The taste of honey remains the same even after years and is a great addition to the survival back pack list. Honey also suppresses the appetite and thereby helping the survivor to survive a longer duration without food. It is also low in fat and provides the necessary carbohydrates for survival. Food bars are a perfect combination of various food items that are stomach filling which in turn helps in surviving longer.

The Economy emergency kit also includes six 4.225 oz. of water per person. Water is the most important thing during an emergency situation and is almost impossible to survive without it for any human being. Undoubtedly, water tops the list in any emergency survival kit. The added advantage of the Economy back pack kit is the solar blanket. It absorbs heat radiation from the sun and maintains an optimum temperature for survival. It helps an individual to protect himself from severe weather conditions. The survival kit also includes various stuffs for medical emergencies and first aid. The most difficult thing to get during an emergency condition is the first aid kid and the Economy Emergency kit provides with the same to avoid a small wound to change into a disaster. The kit also includes 12 liners and chemicals for safety purposes.

Survival Kits For Groups

Pros of the Emergency kit:

* Sufficient food items- The Emergency backup kit provides the survivor with sufficient honey and food bars for survival. Honey and food bars are everlasting and serves the purpose as a backup food during an emergency situation.

* Sufficient water- The backup kit includes six 4.225 oz. of water per person and is one of the essentials in any emergency backup kit.

* Solar blanket- The solar blanket is very useful during extreme weather conditions and helps by preventing the individual by maintaining an optimum temperature.

* First aid Kit- The survival kit includes a first aid kit and also 12 liners and chemicals in case of any medical emergencies.


* Weight- The only disadvantage of the Economy Emergency kit is the weight of the kit. The four person kit weighs about 22 lbs. and is a bit difficult to carry.


The Economy emergency Survival kit for groups is one of the best of its kind. Although it is a bit heavy, it is one of the best additions to any emergency situation planning.

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Survivalist First Aid Checklist

Nobody can predict emergencies, but everybody can be prepared for them. For people to be prepared adequately for any emergency that may arise they need to have a good Survivalist First Aid Checklist. One can search the internet for a whole day and eventually come up with a perfect survivalist First Aid checklist. These checklists usually seem to contain similar items. Granted the listed products are critical in an emergency event but oftentimes the notations can offer a new insight into what otherwise looks as redundant. One important factor to be considered while choosing an item to be included in a survivalist First Aid checklist is have a look at the place it was manufactured and who you are purchasing from.

Survivalist First Aid Checklist

Most of the online retailers are home based resellers only who buy their products from companies that these items ready made from the cheap-labor countries and provide them to the end-user without much, and if any quality control. A better approach for those people with a survival checklist is to buy these items from a supplier that states to be the manufacturer and provides a physical address on their websites and contact phone numbers, so that they know who they are dealing with.

Here is a list of items to be included in a survivalist First Aid checklist and can be used in crisis situations:

· Ointment or antiseptic cream

· Thermometer

· Bandages

· Saline solution

· Cotton swabs and balls

· Pain medication

· Tweezers, knife and scissors

· Aspirin or Tylenol

· Hydrogen peroxide

· Gauze rolls and squares

· Suitable rinse solution as well as sterile wipes

· Medications for pain

The list is long but the above items can cater for the needs somebody during an emergency occasion. Some of the accidents that the above items can be of help are the usual scratches, cuts and scrapes.

Survivalist First Aid Checklist

Benefits of a well equipped First Aid kit:

Purchasing a first aid survival kit will assist someone to avoid any emergency situations. Survivalist First Aid kit reviews indicate that having simple devices like a thermometer can help a person to control situation that might get worse if somebody had to wait to reach the hospital. It can be of great help for in early diagnosis of a problem, like with the help of a thermometer someone can easily detect any change in temperature which may otherwise go unnoticed.

A well equipped survival kit is also important especially for people with children. In case of an emergency they can administer the initial bandage that will provide them enough time before they reach the hospital and make it less painful for the child. In addition, injuries are not restricted to children alone, but it is wise to stay prepared all the time.

Disadvantages of a First Aid kit

Sometimes one of the items especially drugs may have expired hence using them during an emergency occasion may not be of help.

Some items such as scissors and knives need to be handled with care since they can result to serious injuries if they are not properly used.

Therefore, it is advisable to be cautious while handling these Survivalist First Aid Checklist items and the expiry date of some of the items needs to be checked regularly.

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Tips For Putting Together Kids Survival Kit

All thanks to the internet, kids these days do not need to be taught everything about the world. They seem to know everything plus a little more; even on matters of their survival and what should be in their kids survival kits. And yes, they have their opinions too.

However, as parents and responsible adults, we understand that knowing the world is one thing and facing it successfully is another. As such, we hold the ultimate responsible to make sure that our kids survival kits are well prepared and easily accessible at all times. But how do you put together a kids survival kit? Well, read this short articles and it will give you all the tips.

Kids Survival Kit

Get a back pack

First, you need to get a light backpack in which you can store all the necessary items for your kid. The backpack that you select must be waterproof, sturdy, strong and durable to hold all the things required for your kid’s survival. Backpacks are ideal because they can be easily carried by even a small kid.

Pack food

In your kids’ survival kit, one of the things that should not miss is food items and water that can last for at least a week. Ideally, pack dried, preserved or canned foodstuff. These can last for a longer period of time even under extreme weather conditions. What’s more, their nutritional content remains intact so long as they are taken before their expiry date. Some of the foodstuffs that you must include are pickled food, honey, granola, nuts, dried fruits, energy bars and pre-cooked food.

Include communication gadgets

Another must have items in your kids survival kits is navigation and communication gadgets such as a compass, a whistle and radio transmitter. These enable your kid to contact you immediately in case of emergency. Also, include a knife which is a multi-purpose tool that your kid can use for almost everything. Also include a lighter and a small torchlight.

Kids Survival Kit

First aid box

Do not forget to put a first aid box in your kids survival kit. This is because during a disaster, it is normally hard to get any kind of medication. Make sure you include drugs to cure blood pressure, allergies and asthma especially if your kid is asthmatic. In addition, include medical emergency items such as scissors, tape, gauze and bandage. It would also be ideal to include broad spectrum antibiotics such amoxicillin.

Include a map

More often in times of disaster, people get separated. For this reason, make sure you include a map of your area in your kids survival kit. This will enable him or her locate his or her way home easily in case he gets lost.

A kiddies dictionary is important

This is particularly important if your kid is young. It contains pictorial representations of every word, especially beverages, animals and plants. It will help your kid in cases where he or she is faced with foreign object that they may not know how to deal with-they can just refer. You can also put together a guide book by yourself and indicate items that are dangerous, life-threatening, edible, friendly etc.

In conclusion, being well equipped and prepared gives you and your kids a strong chance of survival. It’s therefore very important to make sure your kids survival kit is adequately equipped with all essential items. Moreover, makes sure it is always accessible at all times.

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