Best Survival Gear – Deluxe 4 Person Emergency Survival Kit

Survival Gear

The deluxe four person survival kit ranks among the best survival gear. This kit contains more items to offer protection in all types of emergency including floods and hurricanes. The back pack kit is designed to help you be prepared for any types of emergency both at home and at work. Water and food in the kit is coast guard approved and has a long shelf life of five years. Considering the utility of this kit and what it packs, it is no wonder therefore that it ranks very highly among survival gear.

Survival Gear

Product description

The deluxe four person emergency kit is more than just an emergency kit; it is an all round survival kit. It contains several items that are very essential in emergency situations especially those that require survival for a given duration of time. The following items are included to ensure one is aptly prepared:

· One backpack

· Four food bars, 2400 calories each

· 4 solar blankets

· 24 pouches of water to ensure users are properly hydrated

· 4 dust masks to offer protection from dust storms

· 4 ponchos

· One flash light for the night

· Two alkaline batteries for the flash light

· One two-person tent

· 50 inches nylon cord

· One 12-hour light stick

· Fully stocked first aid kit

· 50 water purification tablets

· 50 water-proof matches

· Utility knife

· FM radio with batteries

· A pair of leather palm gloves

· Campers’ stove


This kit weighs 20 pounds shipping weight. With an average review of 4.5 out of 5 stars and number 75 rank in emergency and survival kits, it is no doubt that it is worth the amount of money it goes for.


· The back pack is large and sturdy and has the ability to last for a long time. It is of a very high quality.

· The 2400 calorie energy bars are essential for survival however they can be replaced with something that suits ones personal taste e.g. jerky or cliff bars

· Water pouches are an excellent addition especially for those facing desert or hot weather conditions

· The high quality back pack is well packaged for emergency situations

· The water comes in plastic pouches which are reseal-able and have a drinking spout to ensure that the water is always kept clean

· The water purification tablets are essential for safety and hygiene.

· The food rations that come with this kit are not thirst invoking therefore allow the users to minimize on their water intake.

· The emergency blankets are large enough to rig something up so as to adapt you to your situation.


· The water pouches are an unnecessary addition for icy conditions. One could always melt the ice.

· The rain ponchos, gloves, flashlight, batteries and knife are not of the best quality. The ponchos are only made to last for one or two days. These however can be replaced with items of better quality such as heavy duty flashlights, candles, more glow sticks and better quality knives.


From customer’s reviews, especially those who have experience with emergency kits, there’s is no doubt that the deluxe four person survival kit is among the best survival gear.

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