Best Emergency Blanket – Space All Weather Blanket

Emergency Blanket

You need the best emergency blanket when space as well as weight is an issue, especially in an emergency situation. In order to understand this better, you need to know all about the pros and cons of the Space all weather blanket. This is make of aluminized plastic along with fiber scrim. Once you fold it the size is just that of a traditional paper book.

Emergency Blanket


It is really lightweight. The weight is just 12 oz.

It is perfect for your SUV, cabin or even your home.

The size of the Space all weather blanket makes it easy to carry it around in your suitcase. Hence it is an ideal partner with you when you are traveling or in case you have a small house and storage is an issue.

The biggest advantage of this space all weather blanket is the plethora of ways in which it can be used. If you get stuck in a desert, use it as a tarp to save you from the sun. If you wish to protect your tent bottom and also wish to reflect the heat back, make use of the space all weather blanket by spreading it on your tent floor. You can use it during your picnics as well as like a tarp. It makes for perfect pad when you are outdoors.

It is available in a wide variety of colors. So you can choose the color which you want. These colors are blue, brown, orange and red. Choose what suits your personality the best. In case you opt for red or orange, you would be able to stand out and these colors will act like a signal.

There are grommets in all the four corners. So what this means is that you can put the space all weather blanket to many more uses than the ones mentioned here.

This blanket is much warmer than an ordinary woolen blanket. Hence it makes sense to opt for this emergency blanket than any other kind of blanket.

It is made of tough laminate. This means that it is durable and will last you for a long time.

It is puncture resistant and does not tear off easily. Hence it is perfect for using in an emergency situation.

But this does not mean that there are no bad points of this space all weather blanket. A few of these cons are mentioned here.

This blanket is quite stiff. Hence it may not be as comfortable as one may want it to be.

The inside is silver in color. Typically people believe it to be having that fuzzy green on the inside but that is not the case.

Even though this emergency blanket has some negative points, but still it is amongst the best that you can get. In fact, even though people have tried many other products, but they all believe that space all weather blanket is the best emergency blanket of all. It is lightweight, easy to carry and gets warm really very fast.

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