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Best Emergency Blanket – Space All Weather Blanket

You need the best emergency blanket when space as well as weight is an issue, especially in an emergency situation. In order to understand this better, you need to know all about the pros and cons of the Space all weather blanket. This is make of aluminized plastic along with fiber scrim. Once you fold it the size is just that of a traditional paper book.

Emergency Blanket


It is really lightweight. The weight is just 12 oz.

It is perfect for your SUV, cabin or even your home.

The size of the Space all weather blanket makes it easy to carry it around in your suitcase. Hence it is an ideal partner with you when you are traveling or in case you have a small house and storage is an issue.

The biggest advantage of this space all weather blanket is the plethora of ways in which it can be used. If you get stuck in a desert, use it as a tarp to save you from the sun. If you wish to protect your tent bottom and also wish to reflect the heat back, make use of the space all weather blanket by spreading it on your tent floor. You can use it during your picnics as well as like a tarp. It makes for perfect pad when you are outdoors.

It is available in a wide variety of colors. So you can choose the color which you want. These colors are blue, brown, orange and red. Choose what suits your personality the best. In case you opt for red or orange, you would be able to stand out and these colors will act like a signal.

There are grommets in all the four corners. So what this means is that you can put the space all weather blanket to many more uses than the ones mentioned here.

This blanket is much warmer than an ordinary woolen blanket. Hence it makes sense to opt for this emergency blanket than any other kind of blanket.

It is made of tough laminate. This means that it is durable and will last you for a long time.

It is puncture resistant and does not tear off easily. Hence it is perfect for using in an emergency situation.

But this does not mean that there are no bad points of this space all weather blanket. A few of these cons are mentioned here.

This blanket is quite stiff. Hence it may not be as comfortable as one may want it to be.

The inside is silver in color. Typically people believe it to be having that fuzzy green on the inside but that is not the case.

Even though this emergency blanket has some negative points, but still it is amongst the best that you can get. In fact, even though people have tried many other products, but they all believe that space all weather blanket is the best emergency blanket of all. It is lightweight, easy to carry and gets warm really very fast.

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Best Emergency Backpack – Life Gear LG567 Wings of Life Emergency Survival Kit

It is advisable to go for the Life Emergency Survival Kit Backpack form Life Gear because it is equably the best Emergency Backpack you can ever have. The backpack has multiple storage pockets and sleeves apart from being water resistant. The American Red Cross recommends that very emergency backpack should have enough supplies to sustain a person for three days and it is important to point out that the emergency survival kit backpack meets that requirement. This article will provide a brief review of this incredible survival kit backpack.

Emergency Back Pack

Product Description

The Life gear backpack guarantees you a peace of mind when evacuating your home for an emergency or when hiking through the foothills. There is no need to worry about emergencies because all your needs are covered by the Survival Kit. The –InchWings- can only be relieved by unzipping the front compartment. The front compartment contains all the necessary utilities and emergency needs.

This type of emergency survival kit backpack contains an assortment of things that include a hygiene kit, Emergency Red Flasher, Respirator Mask, leather working gloves, thermal blanket, signaling whistle, waterproof cash bag, writing pen and pad, signaling mirror, all weather poncho, directional compass, multifunctional and a first aid kit. The bag is highly functional and this is because it has quite a number of features such as ring hooks for added attachments, back ventilation system for cool air flow, sleeve system storage for food and water, detachable wings, water reservoir pocket, cell phone and walkie talkie carrying case and see through pockets for quick access to items.

The emergency backpack is very important when it comes to life saving because it has the necessary components for saving life. The other good thing about the emergency survival kit backpack is that the bag can be stored at the office, school, boat, car or at home. It is a very effective emergency preparedness kit due to the fact that it is an all-inclusive backpack. The emergency survival kit is very reliable, safe and compact which makes it suitable for all types of emergencies.

Some of the major types of emergencies that the survival kit backpack can be of great help include floods, blackouts, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. The best way to protect yourself as well as your loved ones during an emergency is by planning ahead and one way of doing that is buy getting and emergency survival kit backpack. Emergencies and unexpectsted disasters can lead to some devastating effects and you can always stay ahead of everyone by getting yourself an emergency survival kit backpack from Life Gear. Children and adults can comfortably use this type of emergency survival kit backpack because it is ergonomically designed.


It has multiple storage sleeves and pockets

It is a highly functional backpack

It is safe, reliable and compact

It is suitable for all types of emergencies

It is a grab and go backpack and can therefore be stored anywhere

It contains emergency utilities and needs

It can be used by both adults and children because of its ergonomic design

The kit is very organized.


Some have poor quality contents

The contents can be very heavy to carry around


Disaster preparedness is very important and that is why you should go for the best emergency back pack if you want to be safe. The emergency Survival Kit backpack from Life Gear is one of the best options.

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Bug Out Bag Essentials Review

When preparing for a natural or man made disaster, your bug out bag is your lifeline for you and your families survival. When properly planned with essential items a bug out bag can guarantee your survival in a wide variety of situations. You have searched online and read the bug out bag essentials review, but chalked that up as just another prepper / Survivalist whacko spending all of his time preparing for something that couldn’t possibly happen in the modern world, but the truth of the matter is that any number of things could cause a collapse of our economic system, including severe weather affecting our food sources, These also include Flooding, earthquakes, terrorism or our monetary system collapsing. Storms like Hurricane Sandy are not extreme anymore, but the standard, with things only getting worse in the years to come.

Bag Out Bag Essentials Review

Being prepared for a disaster does not make you some sort of whack job prepper survivalist. it makes you prepared. You can prepare your bug out bag on a steady constant basis. The point of the bug out bag is to have the items that you may need in an emergency situation and be able to “bug-out” quickly as needed. The reason can be something as simple as a tree falling on your home during a natural storm. Would you have all the items you needed to quickly get out of the collapsing structure and secure your family in a safe dry place?

Whether fighting for your brain matter in a Zombie Apocalypse or digging in out in the forest to defend yourself, your carefully planned bug out bag can save your life. But what matters most to you ?

Your personal bug out bag

A bug out bag should at the very least contain a way to start a fire, to prepare contaminated water for drinking and meals or food that can be quickly prepared to keep your health and stamina up during tough times. Other items might be a way to start a campfire for warmth and food preparation and a small radio to keep up on the latest local news concerning the emergency.

Of course you will need some creature comforts, such as a solar blanket to stay warm while you sleep and and a good multipurpose knife for defense, and cutting kindling or firewood. A can opener is handy to have for lobotomizing zombies, or just mundane tasks like opening a can of beans to cook over the fire.

Which disaster are you prepping for

When deciding on the items for your grab and go bag, you have to decide on which disaster you want to prepare for. A good rounded bug out bag will include items that have multiple uses, and use these items in a non standard way if the need arises. You will want items that are lightweight and small but versatile. You don’t want to be carrying around a 80 lb bag with you. You have to be able to move fast and discretely without being detected. You have to also carry items that allow you to stay mobile. This is not just paranoia, this is a fact in today’s economic climate.

A good place to start is a search for bug out bag essentials review for a list of what items to start looking for, as you prepare to protect your loved ones for a natural or man made disaster.

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4 Person Survival Kit – Ready America 70385 Grab `N Go Deluxe 4 Person Backpack

February 7, 2014

In the event of a disaster or emergency, it is imperative that the necessary supplies are at hand in order to maintain survival. The 4 Person Survival Kit, manufactured by Ready America, is an emergency backpack with everything that is needed to survive those initial few hours after an emergency.

4 Person Survival Kit

Why is important to have emergency supplies in the event of a disaster or other emergency:

Humans will need to be self-sufficient for three days after a disaster, according to national governments, and it is therefore imperative that a family has access to vital supplies in order to survive. The survival kit contains enough water and food for four people, and can be kept at home, in the garage, in the boot of a car, in the office, or elsewhere. The kit also comes equipped with four comfortable survival blankets, ideal for adverse weather conditions, and four ponchos which can fit the entire family. There is also a first aid kit, essential for any minor injuries after a disaster or emergency, leather gloves, four goggles and four dust masks to protect the eyes and face.

Can this product ensure the safety of me and my family during an emergency situation?

All Ready America products have been designed for efficiency during an emergency situation, and are essential if the unexpected occurs. All items in this particular kit are well packed and can easily be accessed. With enough supplies for the whole family four at least three days, the backpack can be easily stored and transported. The pack is light enough to be carried from point A to B with relative ease, and can be stored in an area of the house or garage safely.

What are the specifications of this product?

The bag is 8 inches in height, 12 inches in width, and 18 inches in length, and contains food and water which has been approved by the United States Coast Guard. There are enough emergency supplies for four people to last 72 hours or more, as recommended by the American Red Cross Also included with every kit is duct tape, and four light-sticks which last at least 12 hours, ideal if power is out, enabling you to see in dark conditions. Tissues, an emergency whistle, three bio-hazard bags, a list of contacts and plans for an emergency communication, and towelettes which have been pre-moistened during the manufacturing process have also been provided.

There is also a power station which is included and can be used in an emergency situation, which contains a phone charger for cell phones, an AM and FM radio, a flashlight, and a siren. Ready America are known for their excellent customer service and are happy to provide individuals with more information about how to make the most out of their survival kit, ideal if an individual has a question about how to use a particular item in the backpack. The company can be contacted on their website. The 4 Person Survival Kit can make the difference between life and death in an emergency situation and is one of the most popular survival kits on the market.

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3 Person Survival Kit – Mayday Deluxe Home Emergency Survival Backpack Kit

February 6, 2014

Emergencies in the form of natural disasters or accidents can happen at any time without any warning. The best way to mitigate the impact of an emergency is to prepare for it in advance. Having a 3 Person Survival Kit is a good way to be ready for any calamity or accident.

The Mayday 3 Person Deluxe Home Emergency Survival Backpack Kit is the best survival kit available for 3 people. The purpose of such a pack is to ensure that you have enough essential supplies to survive. Described below are the features of the pack:


The backpack is brightly colored in orange with a light grey background and has a rugged canvas exterior. The front of the bag has “Survival Kit” prominently displayed on it. There are a variety of pockets in different sizes for you to keep miscellaneous items. The bag comes with a tag that displays the date on which it was packed so that the food items inside are not consumed after the expiry date.

3 Person Survival Kit

A wrapped bundle of nylon rope is hung outside the bag so that it is easily available if you ever need it.

Contents in the First Compartment

Inside the first compartment there are 3 sets of feminine disposable items and a razor, comb, toothpaste and soap. There are more pockets in this compartment where you can put some more items.

Contents in the Main Compartment

Behind the first compartment is the main part of the pack and inside is a large bag full of items. The bag has a zip lock to protect it from water. It contains air filters so that it can protect your face from the elements and a pack full of tissues that can be used at any time. Another item is a sleeping bag with tough material that NASA uses and keeps you warm retaining 90% of your body heat. A handy flash light that works without batteries is also in the pack – it works without any batteries. An AM/ FM radio helps you listen in for any important announcements and updates in the event of a disaster.

There are 3 packs of nutrition bars, enough to sustain 3 people for 72 hours. They are packed in silver foil to keep them fresh and will remain within usage period for 5 years. A Tube Tent is useful for shelter if you don’t have a roof over your head during the exigency. Water packs will be the most useful item, in durable containers and are usable for 5 years, as certified by the US coast Guard. Emergency ponchos will keep you dry if there is heavy rain.

Contents in the Outside Compartment

The outside compartment has been reserved for first aid items including bandages, lip balm, iodine, burn cream, aspirin and other minor first aid items. Also inside are emergency light sticks for bright light and a small packet containing a 30-piece kit , some more tissues, a waste bag and hand warmers.

Pros – Contains an extensive stock of essential items for survival. – The bag is strong and durable for use in any type of natural disaster. – The water and food items included in the kit have a 5-year shelf life.

Cons – For a frail person or the elderly the bag could be a bit heavy. But some items that may not be essential at the time can be taken out to make it lighter.


In an emergency this product has everything for you to survive. The bag is large enough for packing everything that you need in an emergency. If you are looking for a 3 Person Survival Kit at a good price the Mayday Emergency Kit is the best for you.

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2 Person Survival Kit – Emergency Disaster Preparedness

February 5, 2014

No one can tell for sure when a disaster is going to strike. If a disaster does occur, preparedness is the key to survival. Among the best ways to prepare for the worst is to purchase the 2 Person Survival Kit made available by SurvivalKitsOnline. An emergency can arise without warning and, when one does, it is critical to have the necessary things that can help increase the chances of survival until help arrives. With this excellent kit, those who are inside a home or even out in the wilderness have access to various accessories that might significantly increase the potential for surviving. The emergency situation ranging could range from being lost in the mountains, getting stuck in a car during a blizzard, enduring a mandatory home evacuation due to a fire, and more. Again, a good survival kit may be able to deal with these scenarios.

2 Person Survival Kit

The Kit Has What Can Keep You Alive

In this two person kit, there are quite a number of items that could prove indispensable during an emergency situation. Two of the most important things anyone could have in a survival kit are food and water. No one can last for very long if dehydration sets in and without food, a person can become extremely weak. The kit offers 24 pouches of Datrex Water, which is two times the amount of food and water competitors offer in their survival kits. 24 nutritional food bars are included as well. Both the food and water have a five year shelf life so no one needs to worry about replacing them shortly after buying the survival kit.

In addition to food and water, two people struggling to survive in the wild are going to need warmth and cover. There are quite a number of items in this kit that can help keep you warm and comfortable in even the worst possible situation. A high quality survival sleeping bag can be combined with two body warmer blankets that can last up to 16 hours. A two person tube tent can deliver much needed shelter when things get rough. Waterproof matches are included and they can be used to start a fire if the temperature drop to dire levels.

Communications is Key

Panic might set in very quickly without being able to monitor news and emergency channels. The kit offers a Am/Fm Radio that makes it easy to monitor these stations even if you are in a remote location. A rechargeable squeeze flashlight, survival whistle, and two green emergency sticks offer visual and auditory tools capable of drawing the attention of rescue personnel.


The quality of what is included in the kit is very high. There is no low grade, utterly unreliable equipment in this kit.

The kit include hygiene and first aid equipment that can help reduce the potential for infections and other calamities that might befall those struggling to survive.

Although the kit is designed for two people, rationing and sharing could allow it accommodate more than two people for the short term.


The food and water can only last for so many days.

The kit cannot make anyone invulnerable to the harshest weather and emergency conditions.

Parting Thoughts

Emergencies can arise at times when no one expects them. A person who is prepared can protect him/herself and a loved one or colleague as long as the right tools are available. This excellent 2 Person Survival Kit just might have exactly what is needed when things can a severe turn for the worst.

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Best Emergency Kit To Help You Survive In Any Scenario

February 4, 2014

There are a number of emergency preparedness kit available in the market place. People looking to select a particular kit might really struggle to pick the right one that meets most of their requirements. The information provided here on the best emergency kit available, Stansport Deluxe Emergency Preparedness kit, would be extremely useful for such people looking to select the right emergency kit.

Major Features of Stansport Deluxe Emergency Preparedness kit

Stansport Emergency kit comes with 50 items that are extremely important for a person to survive in the case of an Emergency situation arising due to Hurricanes and Earthquakes. All the 50 items are securely packed in a cargo bag that measures 30 inches by 14 inches. The range of items that comes as part of the kit are given below.

1. Propane stove and Emergency light sticks for cooking purposes

2. Portable Lantern and Flashlights for providing brightness to the region that has been blacked out due to power cuts

3. First Aid Kid that contains 42 first aid items and signal whistles for sending distress signals

4. Sleeping bags and emergency blankets for sleeping during night time

5. Tarps, Safety vests and Ponchos

6. Five-Gallon water jug, water purification kit and 6 Emergency water packets

7. Emergency Food bars

8. Multi purpose tool and Multi function knife

9. sticks for igniting fire and 50 foot rope

Stansport Emergency kit can be stored easily in side the house or in the trunk of the car. If there is a provision for storage in the office, one can also store the emergency kit in their office.

Emergency Kit

Pros of using a Best Emergency Kit in the form of Stansport Deluxe Emergency Preparedness kit

There are a number of benefits available in acquiring Stansport Emergency kit

1. This kit is a great value for money as it provides more value by providing additional items such as cards, chocolates and canned goods in addition to the basic items that are usually provided as part of an emergency kit.

2. Unlike items in other kits that requires certain amount of assembling to be done at the customer’s end, this kit comes with items that come in a ready to use state

3. The bag that contains the entire set of 50 items can be conveniently stored in the corner of a room in a closet or in the trunk of the car

4. The items available in the Stansport Emergency kit have been checked for its quality and performance before being included as part of the kit.

5. The kit also comes with a water proof match box that can be extremely helpful for cooking purposes during rainy seasons

6. All the basic needs of a family including food, shelter and clothing required for a family are available as part of this kit. AM radio helps the family members to stay informed regarding the relief work that is being carried out by the authorities . AM radio can also help in providing the contact numbers of the key local administration personnel.


1. Some people feel that the batteries needed for operating the AM radio should also be included as part of the kit

2. The stove or the burner does not come along with a gas tank

With very few cons when compared against the several benefits offered by Stansport Emergency kit, it can easily lay claim to being the best emergency kit available in the emergency supplies marketplace.

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Best Emergency Light – Lite Saver 3 in 1 Rechargeable Emergency Light

If you are looking for the best emergency light that you can use in the event of an exigency you may like to take a look at a the Lite Saver 3 in 1 Rechargeable Emergency Light. This is a very useful and handy light that you can keep with you at home or while traveling. You never know when natural disasters will strike and a good reliable source of light can make a big difference. Even in case of a power failure you will be glad for such a good source of light.Lite Saver 3 in 1 Rechargeable Emergency Light


Here are some of the features of the Lite Saver 3-in-1 rechargeable light:

Bright Illumination

The Lite Saver comes with enough light to brightly illuminate an area up to 600 square feet with a set of 21 bright LED lights. This means you can easily see clearly in a large room or in an open area.

Compact Design

With a compact design and dimensions of 8.6 x 6.1 x 2.2 inches it is highly portable and easy to carry around whether you are indoors or outdoors.

Long Battery Life

If you switch it on at full mode the Lite Saver will light up all 21 LEDs and will remain lit for 8 hours at a time. But in case you are using it intermittently and do not need the full brightness you can use the power saving mode that will give you 144 hours of light.

Extended Usage

The LED lights in this rechargeable light use special technology that prevents heating up of light which shortens the life of the lights. The Never Hot technology that it uses ensures 10,000 hours of usage.

Environment Friendly

The company has made the light safe and environment friendly and you will never be in danger of a fire or a shock due to the source of light that you are using. This is important as many people are aware of products that do not harm the environment.

180 Degree Coverage

You can leave the light to stand on its own without having to support it and it will provide you with a 180-degree visibility with its light. This has been made possible with 3 rows of LED lights that projects light in different directions. This can be extremely helpful if you are outdoors during an outing or in the event of a natural disaster.

Smart Sensor

The LED lights will turn on by itself if it becomes dark or in case of a power outage owing to its smart sensors. If the power outage happens during the day the light will not turn on hence saving its energy for use when it is really dark.

Pros –

It is small and easy to carry around making it a good accessory to carry on outdoor trips.- The battery life on power save mode is 144 hours which does away with the need to replace it for a long time- It is safe and will not be harmful if your kids touch it by mistake.

Cons –

Some people may find the light not enough in case they are looking for a brighter light for outdoor areas. But this is a light that is meant for an exigency for which it is quite suitable. – It may even be considered a bit too bright by some if inside a very small room.


Overall the Lite Saver 3 In 1 Rechargeable Emergency Light is a quality product and has an excellent design. It is great value with an extremely long battery life as well as a long life of the LEDs. Being safe and environmental friendly it is good enough to take anywhere you go. At the excellent price that it available, it is the best emergency light that you can buy.

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Best Emergency Radio – Sangean CL-100 Table-Top Weather Hazard Alert


The CL-100 weather radio is a product of Sangean Electronics, a Taiwan based international company. It is considered to the best emergency radio for its useful features and offers more than many similar products in its range. If you are in need of a good weather radio on which you can listen to AM or FM and that will also alert you in case of an exigency look no further that the CL-100.

Sangean CL-100 Table-Top Weather Hazard Alert

Given below are some of the main features of this radio:

AM and FM Radio

Being a certified public radio it can tune in to all weather stations with good clarity. You can tune in to stations which you would like to receive and also disable alerts that you do not want to receive.

Message Alerts and Storage

It receives 3 types of messages including warnings, alerts and advisories. It stores up to 20 messages so that in case you miss any, you can play the recorded messages later.

Clear Display

The display is white against a black background and can be seen clearly in the day or at night. You can view different settings on the display including manual and automatic settings for the alarm clock, volume control for the siren, and settings for bass and treble.

Alarm Clock

The dual alarm clock can be set to sound a buzzer alarm or wake you up with music. It can also be set for one alarm for weekdays and another for the weekends. When it goes off the volume and pace of the alarm increase gradually till it reaches the set volume.

Battery Backup

The unit can be made to run on 4 AA batteries. In case there is an alert coming in it will not get deleted if the unit is being switched over to batteries.

Internal and External Antenna

The unit comes with an external antenna which can be installed outside to improve reception. This is in addition to the built-in antenna that is fitted on the unit.

Message Lockouts

This is a useful feature and you can block any alerts that you do not want in case you feel that it does not affect the area that you live in.

Pros –

The CL-100 is compact and portable and can be carried around easily. You can place it anywhere in the house. – The volume and quality of sound is good and can be used for music as well as alerts. – It comes with with built-in as well as an external antenna which is useful if you are in a building with a metal roof. – The alarm is highly customizable and can be set on weekdays as well as on weekends simultaneously.


Some people may find the headphone jack to be inconveniently placed as it is located behind the unit. In order to reach it the entire unit may have to be turned around. – The volume of the siren even at the lowest setting is very loud.


The CL-100 table-top weather hazard alert is small and compact making it very portable. Its dual alarm clock is customizable and can be set for two different schedules. A good speaker and an auxiliary-in socket enables you to enjoy audio files and music from an external source as well. The combination of utility and useful features makes the CL-100 the best emergency radio at its price.

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Best Survival Backpack – ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag

There are many survival backpacks in the market but you have to be very careful in your shopping in order to find the best survival backpack. An example of a survival backpack that will probably catch your attention is the Commander pack bag because of its excellent design and capacity. This article will provide with a brief review of this type of survival backpack and explain why it is the best survival backpack in the market.

Best Survival Backpack - ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag

Product Description

A commander pack bag is a very versatile and well built pack bag that is suitable for expeditions but the gas are in most cases used by the military. Getting all gear to the base camp is a great challenge for many people but this is no longer a problem with this type of back bag. The back pack has quite a number of compartments that include the main compartment; accessory pockets, a rifle holder, spotting scope pocket and a front pocket.

The major advantage of the this type of pack bag is that it can serve as a Freighter Frame by being attached to the Commander when empty. It is possible to carry your your meat from one location to another because the bag’s frame allows you to do that. You can be sure that your meat will be secure because of the unique lashing system that comes with the Commander. Shoulder straps and a padded waist belt allow you to carry more weight compared to other types of pack bags.

The lashing straps can hold your shooting stix and is also possible fro one can also carry their knife and flash light in the bag pockets. Getting a Commander Pack Bag means getting a Freight Frame and Back Bag as a single product. The pack bag has a lot of space for one to carry expedition items and also its frame can be adjusted vertically.

The pack bag has clevis pin attachment and webbing pins for attachment. The pack bag has an internal horizontal divider and a hold -open frame. The 10 zippers allow for lower door access and top loading. The total weight of Commander Pack Bag combined with its frame is 7 pounds 5 ounces.


It has a good Freight Frame

It has many pockets for storing gear

The shoulder straps and padded waist belt allows you to carry more weight

The pack is solid and strong

It has a large frame

It can serve as a Freighter Frame and a Pack Bag

It is good for all weather

It is well built with an excellent design

It allows access from the top and bottom


It slightly heavy compared to other pack bags

The use of split springs in its designs is not effective when it comes to retaining adjustment pins and mounting

Its commander frame is overly squeaky


It is clear from this review that the the Commander pack bag is the best survival backpack because of its capacity and versatility. The pack bag guarantees you value for your money because it can actually serve you for more than ten years.

==> Click here to buy the Best Survival Backpack, ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag. <==

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