2 Person Survival Kit – Emergency Disaster Preparedness

2 Person Survival Kit

No one can tell for sure when a disaster is going to strike. If a disaster does occur, preparedness is the key to survival. Among the best ways to prepare for the worst is to purchase the 2 Person Survival Kit made available by SurvivalKitsOnline. An emergency can arise without warning and, when one does, it is critical to have the necessary things that can help increase the chances of survival until help arrives. With this excellent kit, those who are inside a home or even out in the wilderness have access to various accessories that might significantly increase the potential for surviving. The emergency situation ranging could range from being lost in the mountains, getting stuck in a car during a blizzard, enduring a mandatory home evacuation due to a fire, and more. Again, a good survival kit may be able to deal with these scenarios.

2 Person Survival Kit

The Kit Has What Can Keep You Alive

In this two person kit, there are quite a number of items that could prove indispensable during an emergency situation. Two of the most important things anyone could have in a survival kit are food and water. No one can last for very long if dehydration sets in and without food, a person can become extremely weak. The kit offers 24 pouches of Datrex Water, which is two times the amount of food and water competitors offer in their survival kits. 24 nutritional food bars are included as well. Both the food and water have a five year shelf life so no one needs to worry about replacing them shortly after buying the survival kit.

In addition to food and water, two people struggling to survive in the wild are going to need warmth and cover. There are quite a number of items in this kit that can help keep you warm and comfortable in even the worst possible situation. A high quality survival sleeping bag can be combined with two body warmer blankets that can last up to 16 hours. A two person tube tent can deliver much needed shelter when things get rough. Waterproof matches are included and they can be used to start a fire if the temperature drop to dire levels.

Communications is Key

Panic might set in very quickly without being able to monitor news and emergency channels. The kit offers a Am/Fm Radio that makes it easy to monitor these stations even if you are in a remote location. A rechargeable squeeze flashlight, survival whistle, and two green emergency sticks offer visual and auditory tools capable of drawing the attention of rescue personnel.


The quality of what is included in the kit is very high. There is no low grade, utterly unreliable equipment in this kit.

The kit include hygiene and first aid equipment that can help reduce the potential for infections and other calamities that might befall those struggling to survive.

Although the kit is designed for two people, rationing and sharing could allow it accommodate more than two people for the short term.


The food and water can only last for so many days.

The kit cannot make anyone invulnerable to the harshest weather and emergency conditions.

Parting Thoughts

Emergencies can arise at times when no one expects them. A person who is prepared can protect him/herself and a loved one or colleague as long as the right tools are available. This excellent 2 Person Survival Kit just might have exactly what is needed when things can a severe turn for the worst.

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