3 Person Survival Kit – Mayday Deluxe Home Emergency Survival Backpack Kit

3 Person Survival Kit

Emergencies in the form of natural disasters or accidents can happen at any time without any warning. The best way to mitigate the impact of an emergency is to prepare for it in advance. Having a 3 Person Survival Kit is a good way to be ready for any calamity or accident.

The Mayday 3 Person Deluxe Home Emergency Survival Backpack Kit is the best survival kit available for 3 people. The purpose of such a pack is to ensure that you have enough essential supplies to survive. Described below are the features of the pack:


The backpack is brightly colored in orange with a light grey background and has a rugged canvas exterior. The front of the bag has “Survival Kit” prominently displayed on it. There are a variety of pockets in different sizes for you to keep miscellaneous items. The bag comes with a tag that displays the date on which it was packed so that the food items inside are not consumed after the expiry date.

3 Person Survival Kit

A wrapped bundle of nylon rope is hung outside the bag so that it is easily available if you ever need it.

Contents in the First Compartment

Inside the first compartment there are 3 sets of feminine disposable items and a razor, comb, toothpaste and soap. There are more pockets in this compartment where you can put some more items.

Contents in the Main Compartment

Behind the first compartment is the main part of the pack and inside is a large bag full of items. The bag has a zip lock to protect it from water. It contains air filters so that it can protect your face from the elements and a pack full of tissues that can be used at any time. Another item is a sleeping bag with tough material that NASA uses and keeps you warm retaining 90% of your body heat. A handy flash light that works without batteries is also in the pack – it works without any batteries. An AM/ FM radio helps you listen in for any important announcements and updates in the event of a disaster.

There are 3 packs of nutrition bars, enough to sustain 3 people for 72 hours. They are packed in silver foil to keep them fresh and will remain within usage period for 5 years. A Tube Tent is useful for shelter if you don’t have a roof over your head during the exigency. Water packs will be the most useful item, in durable containers and are usable for 5 years, as certified by the US coast Guard. Emergency ponchos will keep you dry if there is heavy rain.

Contents in the Outside Compartment

The outside compartment has been reserved for first aid items including bandages, lip balm, iodine, burn cream, aspirin and other minor first aid items. Also inside are emergency light sticks for bright light and a small packet containing a 30-piece kit , some more tissues, a waste bag and hand warmers.

Pros – Contains an extensive stock of essential items for survival. – The bag is strong and durable for use in any type of natural disaster. – The water and food items included in the kit have a 5-year shelf life.

Cons – For a frail person or the elderly the bag could be a bit heavy. But some items that may not be essential at the time can be taken out to make it lighter.


In an emergency this product has everything for you to survive. The bag is large enough for packing everything that you need in an emergency. If you are looking for a 3 Person Survival Kit at a good price the Mayday Emergency Kit is the best for you.

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