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Best Emergency Food – Long Shelf Life Emergency Survival Food Supply

When it comes to times of disaster such as hurricanes, thunderstorms, earthquakes, food supply to the affected people becomes a big issue. This therefore calls for best emergency food source so as to cater for the needs of these people especially women and the children. Foods having a longer shelf life will play a fundamental role in meeting emergency situations. There are a number of emergency foods available which may include any of the following:

Best Emergency Food

Chef’s Banquet ARK

This is one of the best foods that can be used in emergency situations and consist a total of 330 servings per pack. The food does not contain high levels of fructose corn and has no MSG thus making it beneficial to the people utilizing it during emergencies. The food provides about two thousand one hundred calories per day to an adult for a period of thirty days. In times of emergency, easy opening packages are preferred and this is what is provided by this product. It has an easy to open zip seal and is packaged in oxygen absorber pouches which enhances easier transportation. In preparation, the food does not require a lot, just add water and consume. The pouches are packed in water proof buckets which ensure that the food does not get interference from external environment. On the other hand, the food has a shelf life of up to fifteen years if stored in a cool dry environment thus preferable in emergency situations. It terms of shipping weight, the food weighs forty pounds.

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Best Emergency Food


The bucket contains a lot of food but sells at a fairly good price as compared to other food buckets in the market.

It has a good packaging and all the pouches nicely are packaged with no broken pieces.

The food has a longer shelf life (three times) as compared to other similar products in the market.


The food does not supply all the required nutrients required by an adult. It supplies less than 20% of the recommended daily intake hence likely to expose those in emergencies to malnutrition. When bought, the food had a shelf life of 9 years not the fifteen years.

Best Emergency Food

Emergency Survival Food Supply 275 Servings – 20 YEAR SHELF LIFE:

It measures 15 inches in length, 12 inches in width, 12 inches in height and weighs twenty three pounds but weighs 26 pounds in shipping weight. The food has a shelf life of twenty years thus making it attractive for emergency food supply. Each bucket of this survival food supply can provide up to two hundred and seventy five (275) servings. This can be utilized by a number of people during times of need.


It is nicely packaged and comes in an easy to carry bucket.

The food does not cost a lot of money considering the amount of food that each pack contains. It contains a lot of food which can go along way in times of crisis.

What is stated on the product package is exactly what you get. The food once cooked, it tastes good thus making it best emergency food.


It does not taste good and would do good when only hungry.

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