Bug Out Bag Essentials Review

Bag Out Bag Essentials Review

When preparing for a natural or man made disaster, your bug out bag is your lifeline for you and your families survival. When properly planned with essential items a bug out bag can guarantee your survival in a wide variety of situations. You have searched online and read the bug out bag essentials review, but chalked that up as just another prepper / Survivalist whacko spending all of his time preparing for something that couldn’t possibly happen in the modern world, but the truth of the matter is that any number of things could cause a collapse of our economic system, including severe weather affecting our food sources, These also include Flooding, earthquakes, terrorism or our monetary system collapsing. Storms like Hurricane Sandy are not extreme anymore, but the standard, with things only getting worse in the years to come.

Bag Out Bag Essentials Review

Being prepared for a disaster does not make you some sort of whack job prepper survivalist. it makes you prepared. You can prepare your bug out bag on a steady constant basis. The point of the bug out bag is to have the items that you may need in an emergency situation and be able to “bug-out” quickly as needed. The reason can be something as simple as a tree falling on your home during a natural storm. Would you have all the items you needed to quickly get out of the collapsing structure and secure your family in a safe dry place?

Whether fighting for your brain matter in a Zombie Apocalypse or digging in out in the forest to defend yourself, your carefully planned bug out bag can save your life. But what matters most to you ?

Your personal bug out bag

A bug out bag should at the very least contain a way to start a fire, to prepare contaminated water for drinking and meals or food that can be quickly prepared to keep your health and stamina up during tough times. Other items might be a way to start a campfire for warmth and food preparation and a small radio to keep up on the latest local news concerning the emergency.

Of course you will need some creature comforts, such as a solar blanket to stay warm while you sleep and and a good multipurpose knife for defense, and cutting kindling or firewood. A can opener is handy to have for lobotomizing zombies, or just mundane tasks like opening a can of beans to cook over the fire.

Which disaster are you prepping for

When deciding on the items for your grab and go bag, you have to decide on which disaster you want to prepare for. A good rounded bug out bag will include items that have multiple uses, and use these items in a non standard way if the need arises. You will want items that are lightweight and small but versatile. You don’t want to be carrying around a 80 lb bag with you. You have to be able to move fast and discretely without being detected. You have to also carry items that allow you to stay mobile. This is not just paranoia, this is a fact in today’s economic climate.

A good place to start is a search for bug out bag essentials review for a list of what items to start looking for, as you prepare to protect your loved ones for a natural or man made disaster.

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