Best Emergency Backpack – Life Gear LG567 Wings of Life Emergency Survival Kit

Emergency Back Pack

It is advisable to go for the Life Emergency Survival Kit Backpack form Life Gear because it is equably the best Emergency Backpack you can ever have. The backpack has multiple storage pockets and sleeves apart from being water resistant. The American Red Cross recommends that very emergency backpack should have enough supplies to sustain a person for three days and it is important to point out that the emergency survival kit backpack meets that requirement. This article will provide a brief review of this incredible survival kit backpack.

Emergency Back Pack

Product Description

The Life gear backpack guarantees you a peace of mind when evacuating your home for an emergency or when hiking through the foothills. There is no need to worry about emergencies because all your needs are covered by the Survival Kit. The –InchWings- can only be relieved by unzipping the front compartment. The front compartment contains all the necessary utilities and emergency needs.

This type of emergency survival kit backpack contains an assortment of things that include a hygiene kit, Emergency Red Flasher, Respirator Mask, leather working gloves, thermal blanket, signaling whistle, waterproof cash bag, writing pen and pad, signaling mirror, all weather poncho, directional compass, multifunctional and a first aid kit. The bag is highly functional and this is because it has quite a number of features such as ring hooks for added attachments, back ventilation system for cool air flow, sleeve system storage for food and water, detachable wings, water reservoir pocket, cell phone and walkie talkie carrying case and see through pockets for quick access to items.

The emergency backpack is very important when it comes to life saving because it has the necessary components for saving life. The other good thing about the emergency survival kit backpack is that the bag can be stored at the office, school, boat, car or at home. It is a very effective emergency preparedness kit due to the fact that it is an all-inclusive backpack. The emergency survival kit is very reliable, safe and compact which makes it suitable for all types of emergencies.

Some of the major types of emergencies that the survival kit backpack can be of great help include floods, blackouts, earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes. The best way to protect yourself as well as your loved ones during an emergency is by planning ahead and one way of doing that is buy getting and emergency survival kit backpack. Emergencies and unexpectsted disasters can lead to some devastating effects and you can always stay ahead of everyone by getting yourself an emergency survival kit backpack from Life Gear. Children and adults can comfortably use this type of emergency survival kit backpack because it is ergonomically designed.


It has multiple storage sleeves and pockets

It is a highly functional backpack

It is safe, reliable and compact

It is suitable for all types of emergencies

It is a grab and go backpack and can therefore be stored anywhere

It contains emergency utilities and needs

It can be used by both adults and children because of its ergonomic design

The kit is very organized.


Some have poor quality contents

The contents can be very heavy to carry around


Disaster preparedness is very important and that is why you should go for the best emergency back pack if you want to be safe. The emergency Survival Kit backpack from Life Gear is one of the best options.

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