Tips For Putting Together Kids Survival Kit

Kids Survival Kit

All thanks to the internet, kids these days do not need to be taught everything about the world. They seem to know everything plus a little more; even on matters of their survival and what should be in their kids survival kits. And yes, they have their opinions too.

However, as parents and responsible adults, we understand that knowing the world is one thing and facing it successfully is another. As such, we hold the ultimate responsible to make sure that our kids survival kits are well prepared and easily accessible at all times. But how do you put together a kids survival kit? Well, read this short articles and it will give you all the tips.

Kids Survival Kit

Get a back pack

First, you need to get a light backpack in which you can store all the necessary items for your kid. The backpack that you select must be waterproof, sturdy, strong and durable to hold all the things required for your kid’s survival. Backpacks are ideal because they can be easily carried by even a small kid.

Pack food

In your kids’ survival kit, one of the things that should not miss is food items and water that can last for at least a week. Ideally, pack dried, preserved or canned foodstuff. These can last for a longer period of time even under extreme weather conditions. What’s more, their nutritional content remains intact so long as they are taken before their expiry date. Some of the foodstuffs that you must include are pickled food, honey, granola, nuts, dried fruits, energy bars and pre-cooked food.

Include communication gadgets

Another must have items in your kids survival kits is navigation and communication gadgets such as a compass, a whistle and radio transmitter. These enable your kid to contact you immediately in case of emergency. Also, include a knife which is a multi-purpose tool that your kid can use for almost everything. Also include a lighter and a small torchlight.

Kids Survival Kit

First aid box

Do not forget to put a first aid box in your kids survival kit. This is because during a disaster, it is normally hard to get any kind of medication. Make sure you include drugs to cure blood pressure, allergies and asthma especially if your kid is asthmatic. In addition, include medical emergency items such as scissors, tape, gauze and bandage. It would also be ideal to include broad spectrum antibiotics such amoxicillin.

Include a map

More often in times of disaster, people get separated. For this reason, make sure you include a map of your area in your kids survival kit. This will enable him or her locate his or her way home easily in case he gets lost.

A kiddies dictionary is important

This is particularly important if your kid is young. It contains pictorial representations of every word, especially beverages, animals and plants. It will help your kid in cases where he or she is faced with foreign object that they may not know how to deal with-they can just refer. You can also put together a guide book by yourself and indicate items that are dangerous, life-threatening, edible, friendly etc.

In conclusion, being well equipped and prepared gives you and your kids a strong chance of survival. It’s therefore very important to make sure your kids survival kit is adequately equipped with all essential items. Moreover, makes sure it is always accessible at all times.