Survival Kits For Groups – Emergency Kit For Large Groups

Survival Kits For Groups

Protect yourself as well as your group with Survival Kits For Groups

It is always better to carry an emergency kit along during a travel. The backup kit can help one to survive during an emergency condition and prevent disaster. There are several Survival Kits for Groups as well as individuals that could serve the purpose during an emergency condition. The Economy Emergency kit with Honey bucket is one such emergency kit for groups which is highly useful for individuals as well as group travelers. It can help one to face a disaster situation and survive longer by providing basic facilities such as food and shelter that humans require. The Survival Kits For Groups is one of the perfect items that could be included during emergency survival kit


Contents of the Emergency Survival kit:

The Economy Emergency kit includes some of the basic non degradable food items such as honey, food bars and water which could be very useful during a disaster situation. Honey is the only food item which doesn’t change over time. The taste of honey remains the same even after years and is a great addition to the survival back pack list. Honey also suppresses the appetite and thereby helping the survivor to survive a longer duration without food. It is also low in fat and provides the necessary carbohydrates for survival. Food bars are a perfect combination of various food items that are stomach filling which in turn helps in surviving longer.

The Economy emergency kit also includes six 4.225 oz. of water per person. Water is the most important thing during an emergency situation and is almost impossible to survive without it for any human being. Undoubtedly, water tops the list in any emergency survival kit. The added advantage of the Economy back pack kit is the solar blanket. It absorbs heat radiation from the sun and maintains an optimum temperature for survival. It helps an individual to protect himself from severe weather conditions. The survival kit also includes various stuffs for medical emergencies and first aid. The most difficult thing to get during an emergency condition is the first aid kid and the Economy Emergency kit provides with the same to avoid a small wound to change into a disaster. The kit also includes 12 liners and chemicals for safety purposes.

Survival Kits For Groups

Pros of the Emergency kit:

* Sufficient food items- The Emergency backup kit provides the survivor with sufficient honey and food bars for survival. Honey and food bars are everlasting and serves the purpose as a backup food during an emergency situation.

* Sufficient water- The backup kit includes six 4.225 oz. of water per person and is one of the essentials in any emergency backup kit.

* Solar blanket- The solar blanket is very useful during extreme weather conditions and helps by preventing the individual by maintaining an optimum temperature.

* First aid Kit- The survival kit includes a first aid kit and also 12 liners and chemicals in case of any medical emergencies.


* Weight- The only disadvantage of the Economy Emergency kit is the weight of the kit. The four person kit weighs about 22 lbs. and is a bit difficult to carry.


The Economy emergency Survival kit for groups is one of the best of its kind. Although it is a bit heavy, it is one of the best additions to any emergency situation planning.

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