Top 10 Outdoor Urban Survival Tips

Outdoor Urban Survival

No doubt, we live in very unpredictable times. Disaster can strike at the very unlikely moments. Therefore, it only makes sense for you to be acquainted on some Outdoor Urban Survival techniques. Without these vital tricks, survival is difficult or even unlikely.

Outdoor Urban Survival

Listed below are the top 10 survival tips:

1.) Identify key entry and exit points

You need to be smart so that you do not become like mice that are so sharp but always end up in traps. Urban environment usually have structures that have several entry and exit points. Most of the time, they are never indicated. Therefore, you need to be keen enough to notice such points.

2.) Collect rainwater

Pollution is rampant in many urban places. Before disaster strikes, you need to be aware of techniques that you can employ to collect clean water. One best way to collect water is through rainwater which you can only collect via clean roofs

3.) Pay attention to your back

Our vulnerability stems from the fact that we cannot look backward with our natural eyes once we are poised to move forward. Thus, you can become a victim from any attack behind you. Take enough precaution so that even during movement, you can still be able to perceive what is behind you.

Outdoor Urban Survival

4.) Know how to jump start a car

Assuming you already know how to change a tire, the next important thing you need to know is how to jump start a car. Weather changes (such as during winter) leaves cars with dead batteries. In such situations, a little knowledge on dealing with batteries will help save lives.

5.) Take note of your hands’ location at all times

You need to be conscious of where you put your hands especially when undertaking activities such as cooking and repair of mechanical items. Moving parts can bruise you badly or even chop off your fingers. Worse still, you can get burnt from a fire that you could have avoided.

Outdoor Urban Survival

6.) Earn extra money

No situation is permanent. You are not entitled to an eternity of comfort of a regular income. Be flexible and if you lose your job, quickly identify what you can do so that your bills are not left unpaid.

7.) Think on your feet

In the very simple terms, this means that you need to come up with solutions to practically any problem that arises. You may not be learned or experienced but you need to analyze the available options and quickly choose the most viable one.

8.) Be aware of bad people out there

As there are criminals, goons, sociopaths and those that are mentally ill out there, it is better if you are always cautious of the person next to you. A threat always comes disguised. It is only safe if you treat all people with the same precaution.

Outdoor Urban Survival

9.) Be sensitive

A sensitive person is one who is constantly on surveillance of his environment. Opportunity as well as danger lurks in your environment. To avoid dangerous encounters and capitalize on your opportunities, be very sensitive and be a quick-decision maker.

10.) Unit tactics

This is mostly practiced by the military. Whenever you are in dangerous situations such as that where guns are being fired, find cover and conceal yourself. Make barriers such that you shield your body from any source of harm.

Ultimately, the key to Outdoor Urban Survival is by getting prepared for anything and everything that is bound to arise. How ready are you?