How To Survive A Catastrophe

How To Survive A Catastrophe

A catastrophe can be the end of the world, a natural disaster or even a man made disaster. It is important that you know how to survive a catastrophe so that you increase your chances of survival. You should have a shelter that will keep you safe such as a bunker and store the necessary items for survival. Ensure that your shelter is sturdy and bomb proof. The best place to have a bunker is underground as it is better protected from natural elements.

How To Survive A Catastrophe


Water is one of the most important things you should have. You need at least two liters of drinking water per person in order to survive and another two for cooking. It is best to store bottled water. However it is recommended that after every six to eight months, replace the stored water with fresh supplies and store water for bathing and flushing the toilet.


Non perishable items are the best option when preparing for disaster and a catastrophe. The best types are cans of fruits, vegetables, meat and meat products that require minimum water for cooking. Energy bars, granola bars, dried fruits, nuts and peanut bar are also good nutritious foods to store. You can also stock up on freeze dried foods which come in a wide variety and only require water to make them palatable. Once you open freeze dried foods, you have to eat them within six months otherwise they will get spoilt. For babies, ensure that you have enough supplies of formula and baby food. Ensure that you have a can opener and you can opt to have a camp stove with enough fuel.

Medical Supplies

You should have basic medication such as a first aid kit, pain killers, anti histamines, antibacterial creams and anti diarrhea medicine especially if you have babies, toddlers or children. If you are on a prescription for a medical condition, ensure that you have extra supply for at the very least, a week. In case of a catastrophe, you may not be able to access a pharmacy and get the medications that you need.


Keep a supply of basic toiletries such as soap, toilet paper, anti bacterial disinfectant which you can use without water, deodorant, wipes, diapers and shampoos and soap that do not require water. Try and forgo luxury items such as perfume especially if you have limited storage space.

How To Survive A Catastrophe


You may need some basic tools such as flashlights, batteries, candles, matches, hammer, pocket knife and any other tools that you may think you may need. Ensure that you have adequate gas supplies and a generator with adequate fuel.

You may also opt to have some luxury items and entertainment such as board games, books, a small transistor radio or battery operated TV. This will help keep you busy and entertained which is important when you are cooped up in a small space. The best way on how to survive a catastrophe is to ensure that you constantly check and replenish your supplies.