Survivalist Weapons – Surviving Any Crisis

Survivalist Weapons

Whether you are attacked by blood-thirsty zombies, lizard-like aliens or people who simply want take something from you, having the right survivalist weapons can make a big difference. Many of us will automatically think about guns when talking about survivalist weapons but in emergency cases, you may not have your gun with you. In such a situation you have to think fast and turn a common tool into a weapon.

Survivalist Weapons

Below, we look at essential Survivalist Weapons that any serious survivalist should not go without:


A gun is the first choice for many people when it comes to choosing defense weapons. Depending on the laws in your region, you can buy and own a gun. For survivalist purposes, the best firearms are those that can be used from a distance. Close up combat is always very risky.

Thus, rifles are proffered over revolvers and other handguns. As you choose the type of gun to use, consider the following few factors.

Reliability and effectiveness of the weapon:

It should perform as expected without jamming or running into a whole lot of function problems.


A survivalist firearm should make it through tough situations without sustaining any damage. This is especially so if you will be traveling a lot.

Survivalist Weapons


You have to be able to carry the gun plus the ammunition.

Ease of use:

Go for a simple weapon that is straightforward in its function.

Ideal for your needs:

Who is your primary threat? Other humans or wild animals. Different defense requirements call for different firearms.

Swords and knives

Again, as mentioned earlier, close combat is something you should use as a last resort due to the high risk involved. This is especially so if you are not an expert at sword fighting. But if the situation calls for it, a sword or knife can come in handy at warding off attackers. It can even be more effective if you learn how to utilize the element of surprise. Other than in defense, swords and knives can be used to fulfill numerous other purposes such as hunting, making tools and erecting shelter.

There are many stores countrywide that specialize in selling survivalist knives and swords. You can even buy a pack of all round knives that can be used for a number of purposes. As for the sword, it is best to buy one which is light, long and with a strong grip.

Survivalist Weapons

Blunt objects

When push does come to shove you may be forced to turn that hammer into a weapon. Instead of waiting for such a moment to start looking for a nearby blunt object, you can buy several in advance. For instance, a heavy sledge hammer will be useful in the workshop as well as fighting. Tools such as metal wrenches, drills and crowbars also come in handy.

As you stock up on as many survivalist weapons as possible you should also consider accessibility. How quickly can you reach a weapon in an emergency? You should scatter these weapons in various places of the house so that you are not defenseless at any one time.