What Are Some Of The Most Important Survival Pantry Staples?

Survival Pantry Staples

Some of the most important survival pantry staples that can help you sustain in times of emergency:

One of the most important aspects of disaster survival is to be always prepared with a pantry that is stocked with survival pantry staples. These are those basic ingredients that will ensure that one is not denied food under any unforeseen emergency. It is important to keep in mind that survival food stresses more on calories rather than nutrition.

Calorie deficiency becomes a major challenge in times of emergency, owing to the fact that when people are under stress they tend to burn more energy in comparison to a normal scenario. Hence it is important to stock the emergency pantry intelligently. The following are some of the most important components of an emergency pantry that should be present in every home.

Survival Pantry Staples

1) Canned food – One of the most important component of the emergency pantry is canned food. Owing to their higher shelf life, these can be conveniently stocked over a period of time.The best practice though would be to regularly eat from this stock so that they keep getting rotated and also to ensure one is aware of what is there in the pantry. Canned food can be of various types ranging from canned fish like Tuna, Sardines, Canned meat, vegetables and even canned tomatoes which are required in cooking almost any dish.Other options of canned food are Baked beans, Chick peas and canned milk which can be used to make nutritious meals that are very essential in times of emergency when a lot of fresh food consumed daily may not be available.

2) Cooking oil – This is one of the quintessential ingredients of an emergency pantry. As oil is the most important cooking medium without which nothing apart from boiled food can be cooked one must always ensure that there is sufficient cooking oil stored for emergency.

Survival Pantry Staples

3) Baking ingredients – Considering the fact that baking mix and flour can last up to one year if properly stored in sealed containers,they can be extremely valuable in times of an emergency. Other items are sugar, baking soda, powdered buttermilk and dry yeast all of which can last really long and can be used to make a huge variety of food ranging from bread, pancakes to rolls.Honey which can be substituted for sugar is another item which is literally everlasting if properly stored and hence is another must have in the emergency pantry.

4) Rice and pasta – Both rice and pasta are extremely versatile and can be served with almost anything and are very important components of any meal.Also they are very easy to prepare and have a long shelf life because of which every pantry should be stocked with these sufficiently.

Survival Pantry Staples

5) Dry beans and lentils – These are staple foods in all parts across the globe and are not only easy to prepare but also extremely nutritious and last long. Also a variety of dishes can be cooked with these ranging from the beans served on its own or as a side dish with either meat or vegetables.

6) Essential condiments – Apart from the things mentioned above there are some condiments which are essential as they can lift the flavors of the simplest dish, giving it a greater depth of taste. Also these are extremely versatile and can be used in almost every dish. These are tomato sauce, sweet chilli sauce, Salt, pepper, stock cubes, cinnamon, curry powder and dried herbs like rosemary, garlic and ginger. All these are extremely simple ingredients but they are priceless in terms of how they can transform and enhance the flavors of the food.

Hence if these survival pantry staples are sufficiently stored at home, one can always be prepared to face any emergency and not have to struggle sustaining without food.