Buying Survivalist Properties? Read These Important Facts First

Survivalist Properties

The increase in the occurrence of disasters and catastrophes has led to increased purchases of survivalist properties. These properties come in handy when you need to escape disaster areas. As you look for survivalist properties, there are important factors to consider.

1. Location

The location of a bug out property matters greatly. The location should be far away from disaster areas yet close enough to be reached easily. As a general rule of the thumb the best property location is that which you can reach with a single full tank of gas. If you plan on living on the property permanently, then the location does not matter as much. In fact, the farther away the property is from highly populated areas the better for you.

Survivalist Properties

2. Water availability

Water is essential for survival and you should therefore ensure that there is enough water near the property to keep you going. Some of the best water sources include fresh water streams and springs and wells. The water should be renewable meaning that it does not run out. You should also have basic water purification tools if the water is not safe for drinking.

Another way to ensure water availability is harvesting water when it rains. You can either use gutters to direct water towards a tank or build a cistern in a way that rain water collects within.

3. Blending in

For your protection, the property should not be conspicuous. It should be built in such a way that it blends in perfectly with the surrounding nature. You can use various resources to further obscure the property. Buying a survivalist property near places with thick vegetation and natural features such as hills can help in protection and defense. It also makes it difficult for anyone to accidentally come upon your property.

4. Self-sufficiency

A bug out property does not have the luxuries of a town house where you easily have access to food, power and water. You need to be in an environment that can fully sustain you. For power, be in a place where there is enough sunlight for solar energy. Having firewood sources nearby provides fuel for warmth and cooking and being near a river or lake provides fish for food. You can also hunt larger animals such as gazelles and use them for food.

Self sufficiency also includes having the right survival tools. These tools may be used in cutting firewood, defense or even hunting.

Survivalist Properties

5. Availability of natural resources

Chances are one day you may be forced to live in your survivalist property for a long period of time. You therefore need to make sure that the land around can support growing of crops and keeping of livestock. Places with many wild animals for hunting are also ideal.

6. Other factors

Aspects to do with legal zoning, property tax payments and building permits also have to be taken into consideration. Other things to consider include population density (high population areas are prone to unrest and disasters) and risk of occurrence of natural catastrophes.

The best survivalist properties are those which can sustain you over very long periods of time. With the above tips, finding such properties should be no problem at all.