Urban Self Reliance And Urban Survival

Urban Self Reliance

Tips On Urban Self Reliance And Urban Survival

Most people do not take the idea of being self reliant and being prepared for Urban Self Reliance seriously. They are not ready to accept the making of the required necessary preparations in case of any natural or man-made disaster. Most individuals have a rough time in their transition from being in a laid back lifestyle to being survivalists. In case of a disaster, you do not have time to think. You have to swing to action and come up with an idea immediately that can rescue you from the situation at hand. You have to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe. This implies that you have not only to be mentally prepared but you also have to be physically prepared. What are the preparations that are required for urban survival and self reliance? Here are some of them:

Urban Self Reliance

1.Set up a survivalist apartment equipped with the urban survival gear and kit

This is very important as the manuals will guide you and your loved ones on what to do in case of any disaster. The safety gear will ensure that you are safe and you are not vulnerable to any injuries related to the disaster.

2.Have some basic military skills

In case of a disaster strikes, the crime rates and the attacks rises. You must be having some self defense skills so as to overcome those doing the crime or the attack in case you are one of the victims. Besides, the military skills will also give you a chance to perform the first aid in case need arises as you are taught on the basic first aid skills. Moreover, the military skills will help you to defend yourself and your loved ones from the intruders and the attackers. This will also give you some knowledge on camouflaging so as not to be identified easily. Finally, with some basic military skills, you will know how to handle the weapons easily as a precaution.

Urban Self Reliance

3.While hiding from the attackers, do not use a strong scent or make any unnecessary noise

This is very important as the attackers will easily identify you if you use a strong scent. They will easily trace you and can find your hiding place easily by following the scent of your perfumes. Besides, there should be no noise. Ensure that your phone is in the silent mode or switched off and also control your breath.

4.Use bullet proof body armor

This will ensure that in case you meet the attackers, your body will be protected from the bullets in case they shoot you.

5. Everybody should be equipped with the basic survival tools

This will ensure that everybody is safe in his/her hideouts. Some of the tools include mask, knife, bandages and blankets. Besides, the food products that can last long should be stored e.g. freeze dried food.

Urban Self Reliance

6.Have a compass in your survival kit and keep the kit in an accessible place

This is a very important fact as it will ensure that your loved ones are not lost and in case of any emergency, they can access the kit easily. Moreover, this will be very important for your kid’s Urban Self Reliance as they know where to get the kit at any time need arises.