Survive In Place Urban Survival Course Review

Survive In Place Urban Survival Course

At these times wherein a disaster whether natural or man-made can strike an urban setting at any time, it’s very important for people to be aware and be prepared. This is the driving force behind the Survive In Place Urban Survival course by David Morris. This is a course that aims to instill in people the mentality of being ready at all times when a disaster strikes. The course shows and teaches people on how to come up with survival plans that are suitable to where they are located and the magnitude of the disaster that struck them. In this review of Morris’ course, the merits and possible drawbacks of the course will be addressed.

Survive In Place Urban Survival Course

The Importance of Having an Urban Survival Plan

Life is uncertain. A terrorist attack, a natural disaster like a flood, or a pandemic can hit any urban setting without warning. In times of such disasters, those will be able to make it through will be those who have survival plans. It’s because they know how to respond and what to do. A lot of people make the mistake of assuming that having a rural retreat away from their place is a good survival plan. When disaster strikes, it’s often very difficult if not impossible to get out of the urban setting where they’re located because of things like traffic, destroyed roads, and general chaos. What every person should have is a survival plan that will help him or her survive right in the middle of the disaster area.

Survive In Place Urban Survival Course

The Pros of David Morris’ Survive In Place Urban Survival Course

1. It’s well-researched and all the content came from Morris’ personal experience while getting in touch with knowledgeable people who work in the military, law enforcement, SWAT members and a geneticist who specializes in the study of pandemics and virus outbreaks. He also called his friends from the Pentagon for additional information. That said, the contents of the course are real for they’ve come from people whose line of work includes dealing with disasters and national threats.

2. The course is easy to follow and understand. All the lessons in the course are written in a way that anyone can understand and actually apply them. The lessons are also provided in a step-by-step process so that the learner gets to apply and re-apply everything he/she learned in the previous steps.

3. The course comes with several free bonuses. These include two ebooks titled Regaining Privacy Online and 47 Proven Strategies To Protect You From Identity Theft. These bonuses are packed with information that can help a person protect and preserve his identity on the internet.

Survive In Place Urban Survival Course

The Cons of the Course

There’s only one drawback to the course. Since the lessons are provided in installment basis, a person will have to appear for the lessons every week. Some people might be able to stick of the schedule. Overall though, the course is a must-have for all people who are concerned about their survival abilities in times of disasters.

In conclusion, the Survive In Place Urban Survival course is a great guide that can help people prepare for whatever disaster that will affect them in the future.

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