Survivalist First Aid Checklist

Survivalist First Aid Checklist

Nobody can predict emergencies, but everybody can be prepared for them. For people to be prepared adequately for any emergency that may arise they need to have a good Survivalist First Aid Checklist. One can search the internet for a whole day and eventually come up with a perfect survivalist First Aid checklist. These checklists usually seem to contain similar items. Granted the listed products are critical in an emergency event but oftentimes the notations can offer a new insight into what otherwise looks as redundant. One important factor to be considered while choosing an item to be included in a survivalist First Aid checklist is have a look at the place it was manufactured and who you are purchasing from.

Survivalist First Aid Checklist

Most of the online retailers are home based resellers only who buy their products from companies that these items ready made from the cheap-labor countries and provide them to the end-user without much, and if any quality control. A better approach for those people with a survival checklist is to buy these items from a supplier that states to be the manufacturer and provides a physical address on their websites and contact phone numbers, so that they know who they are dealing with.

Here is a list of items to be included in a survivalist First Aid checklist and can be used in crisis situations:

· Ointment or antiseptic cream

· Thermometer

· Bandages

· Saline solution

· Cotton swabs and balls

· Pain medication

· Tweezers, knife and scissors

· Aspirin or Tylenol

· Hydrogen peroxide

· Gauze rolls and squares

· Suitable rinse solution as well as sterile wipes

· Medications for pain

The list is long but the above items can cater for the needs somebody during an emergency occasion. Some of the accidents that the above items can be of help are the usual scratches, cuts and scrapes.

Survivalist First Aid Checklist

Benefits of a well equipped First Aid kit:

Purchasing a first aid survival kit will assist someone to avoid any emergency situations. Survivalist First Aid kit reviews indicate that having simple devices like a thermometer can help a person to control situation that might get worse if somebody had to wait to reach the hospital. It can be of great help for in early diagnosis of a problem, like with the help of a thermometer someone can easily detect any change in temperature which may otherwise go unnoticed.

A well equipped survival kit is also important especially for people with children. In case of an emergency they can administer the initial bandage that will provide them enough time before they reach the hospital and make it less painful for the child. In addition, injuries are not restricted to children alone, but it is wise to stay prepared all the time.

Disadvantages of a First Aid kit

Sometimes one of the items especially drugs may have expired hence using them during an emergency occasion may not be of help.

Some items such as scissors and knives need to be handled with care since they can result to serious injuries if they are not properly used.

Therefore, it is advisable to be cautious while handling these Survivalist First Aid Checklist items and the expiry date of some of the items needs to be checked regularly.