Survival Water Storage – Planning An Emergency Water Supply

Amidst the current unpredictable weather, continuous economic crises as well as continuous terrorist threats and attacks as evident in the news, it has become mandatory to take all necessary precautionary measures to guarantee survival in case of an emergency or when disaster strikes. At the home it is very important to arrange for and always make sure that there is emergency water supply that is sufficient for all members of the family.

Survival Water Storage

Importance of survival water storage

Setting aside enough water to for use having survived a tragedy is important because it will help keep your body and that of any other survive properly hydrated despite losing 10 – 22 percent of the total body weight. Failure to have adequate water for survival during a emergency will most likely increase discomfort by making you feel dizzy, thirsty, sleepy and thirsty since the body will be constantly being reminded that it need to drink something.

Survival Water Storage

Factors to take into consideration when planning emergency water storage

Below are a few factors to take into consideration when planning survival water storage. They include:

a. Quantity

Make sure that the amount of water that you decide to set aside for the emergency is enough and will last right until the emergency has been sorted out. When calculating the amount of water you may need, estimate about a gallon of drinking water for each person multiplied by the number of days the emergency might run through.

b. Quality

In most cases, during an emergency, quality is rarely observed. This should not be the case with you. Make sure that the water which you choose to set aside is quality and that it won’t in any way bring you or any other person any kind of harm. In case you can afford take advantage of purification systems t make sure that your water is good.

Survival Water Storage

c. Type of storage

Make sure that you choose the best storage options for the water you have chosen to set aside. Focus on the area where the storage containers will be placed, make sure that they are forever kept clean and that the water is least vulnerable to any kind of corrosion or dust.

Available options for proper survival water storage

a. Commercially bottled water: this is a very good option since it has a longer shelf life [around a yearlong from the time of purchase]. However, once you settle for commercial bottled water pay close attention to the expiration dates and make sure it stays in its container right until its actual moment for use.

b. Commercial emergency water: these are also usually properly packaged with a very long shelf life. They should also not be opened until they need to be used that is in case of an emergency.

c. Use of Water jugs, plastic bottles and storage containers: these are a perfect option in case the above options [that is commercially available survival water is beyond your budget]. However, in case you settle for this option make sure that you carry out a replacement of the same at least once every six months in order to keep the water fresh for consumption.

Bottom line

Proper Survival water storage can mean all the difference amid seriously suffering through a tragedy or waiting comfortably for assistance. That said, take responsibility not only for yourself but also for those immediately around your by simply adhering to the above details about planning an emergency water supply.