Survival Kit Essentials

Survival Kits For Groups

A List of Survival Kit Essentials

Disaster is something that comes without notice, and cannot be avoided. Be it a possible earthquake, a hurricane or a national emergency, it is important that you have the necessary items to survive during that time. Below is given a list of survival kit essentials, to help you gather and keep all important things ready.

Water – it is not easy to store water for a very long term need. So, you need to consider many options like stocking what is possible, rain barrels to collect water, and water purification for sources like lakes, creeks and other untreated reservoir.

Food – there are many options like freeze dried food, dehydrated food, smoked beef and seafood, canned food and so on. The best thing about freeze dried and dehydrated food is that they take little space and provides nutritious substances with no cooking needed.

Survival Kit Essentials

First aid kit – your home survival kit should have a first aid kit. This kit should include items like bandages, antibacterial cream, antiseptic wipes and so on. You should also have a space blanket, scissors, tweezers, and an instruction guide on how to perform a basic first aid.

Medications – If you have been prescribed any medications, you should keep a 7-day supply on hand. It is also important to keep a supply of common medications like pain relievers and Benadryl.

Flashlight – a flashlight can prove to be of great help and so make sure you include it in your survival kit, also make sure to keep enough fresh batteries.

Cell phone – a cell phone will help you stay in touch with the outside world in times of emergency. Having a cell phone is important, but it also essential that you have a method of keeping the battery charged, even when the grid is down.

Survival Kit Essentials

Hand crank radio – a hand crank radio will help you get information about the outside world, and thus has an important role to play. Try to get a radio that helps you get the NOAA weather reports.

Cash – your emergency kit should always have some cash. Make sure it includes smaller bills so that you do not have to worry about a change during emergency period.

Multipurpose tool – these tools are absolutely important as they can do many jobs when you are stuck in an emergency situation. Instead of stocking in larger tools, it will be wise to keep a multipurpose tool that will do the same job.

Maps – even though you feel you have enough knowledge about your area, your emergency survival kit should have detailed plans included. After an emergency, things may look different, and in such situations, a map may help you reach to safety.

These are only some of the items that you should include in your survival kit, and you can include other items depending on the needs of your family. When you have these items ready, the chances of you suffering serious consequences due to natural disaster or other issues becomes narrow. Though you cannot be completely ready for every type of emergency that can likely occur, but being prepared with the survival kit essentials can definitely give you the peace of mind.