Office Survival Kit for Businesses

Office Survival Kit for Businesses

Office Survival Kit for Businesses : An overview of the basic urban survival tips and supplies

Disasters are very unpredictable; they can strike at any time regardless of the time and place. This is very bad news for businesses since without proper emergency preparation plans which feature office survival kit for businesses among other things, emergencies [whether man made or natural] are most likely to tear them apart taking into consideration the extent of loss likely to be incurred without a comprehensive emergency handing plan in place. Good news is: for businesses and offices there is an easy way to deal with emergency situations. This involves taking advantage of survival kits for business to plan in advance on how to provide your personnel and operational assets full security.

Office Survival Kit for Businesses

To help you out, here are a couple of ideas to compliment your plans as well as tips which will help you make the best off office survival kit for businesses. They include:

1. Tips for making the best off survival kit for businesses

a. Stay Informed

Make sure you are fully informed of all possible emergencies likely to affect your business.

b. Engage in continuity planning

Take time to assess how you business operates both externally as well as internally.

c. Draw up an emergency plan

Draw up an emergency plan which has the safety of your employees and your assets as the highest priorities since these two are the most important aspects of your businesses existence. The two form the core of existence of any business.

d. Make sure emergency supplies are always available

Make sure that the survival kit comprises majorly of the basics of survival that is sufficient water, food and access to clean air/warmth.

e. Take precautionary steps e.g. train on how to handle emergencies

Feel free to train your personnel on the best ways to handle emergencies such as fire, medical emergencies.

2. Constituents of an ideal survival kit for businesses

a. Tools

Make sure that your survival kit has the following basic tools for survival, 16 function knife, duct tape, dust masks and dotted working gloves.

b. Food and water

Make sure that you have set aside enough food and water in your officer survival kit e.g. water, food bars, water purification tablets etc. Whatever you set aside should be a mix of different nutrition for any type of disaster. Also preferably, settle for food products which have shelf life of a few years.

Office Survival Kit for Businesses

c. Light and means of communication

Make sure you have set aside a means of communication to avoid having yourself stranded without any means to contact any outsiders for assistance. Preferable have a couple of wireless handsets and maybe a pair of 5 in 1 survival whistle. Apart from communication, ensure that you also have a source of adequate light e.g. a rechargeable squeeze flashlight might work or alternatively a 36 hour emergency candle and a box of water proof match sticks.

d. Shelter and Warmth

There is absolutely nothing worse than trying to survive without proper shelter. This being the case, make sure your survival kit has a few survival blankets, tube tent with extra ropes etc to provide you with the shelter and warmth to survive through an emergency right until help arrives.

e. Hygiene, sanitation and Fast aid

For your own hygiene and proper sanitation include the following in your survival kit: pocket tissue packs, air freshener and a portable first aid kit

f. Miscellaneous

You can arrange and have a pack of playing cards for entertainment. These are meant to keep you occupied right until situation changes.

Bottom line

Above are the details, tips to familiarize your with as well as tricks for making the best of survival kits for businesses. Feel free to go over them in order to come up with the most comprehensive kit that will help see you through a rough patch running your business.