Getting Together Your Bug Out Bag Essentials

Bug Out Bag Essentials

Imagine the situation where you are awakened by the jolt of an earthquake or some other natural calamity. The only thing that can help people survive in this situation is the Bug out Bag essentials, which can be defined as the collection of basic tools for survival. Bug out Bag, also known as a Go Bag, is an essential must-have that helps people to survive during a disaster or accident. It is one of the must to have things at home that brings people out from disasters and calamities.

Bug Out Bag Essentials

Well Packaged Bug Out Bag Essentials Know How

To help prioritize the things that should go into bug out bag, one should always consider the three rules of survival. The most important bug out bag essentials is water, bug-out-bag food and first aid kit. Human body can stay without water for up to 72 hours and without food for 3 weeks. A well packed bug-out-bag should have all the essentials that help people in difficult situations. The quality of the Bug Out Bag plays a very important role. A very low quality bag may not accommodate all the essential things and may not be durable. It is important to opt for a high quality Bug Out Bag supplies to include all the essentials of Bug Out Bag packing list. To be fair, by buying an expensive bag, one can easily accommodate all the important items and stay safe. One should remember that buying a top quality bag doesn’t mean that it should be heavy. It is advised to opt for lightweight bag, so that one can carry it from place to the other without much effort.

Bug Out Bag Essentials

Bug out Bag items are consolidated in to one or two packs, which one can grab easily and come out in hurry during a disaster. One should always keep one such survival gear at home and in vehicle.

Here is the bug out bag list that one can always be prepared with:

· Water – drinking water, metal water bottles, water purification tablets etc.

· Food and preparation items – energy bars, metal cooking pot, portable stove, spork etc.

· Clothes – convertible pants, hiking socks, gloves, etc.

· Bedding – sleeping bag

· Shelter – tent, woolen blanket, tarp etc

· Heat source – Tinder, waterproof storage, source of ignition etc.

· Hygiene – hand sanitizer, wet napkins, disposable towels, all-purpose soap etc.

· First aid lit and insect repellent

· Tools and lighting – survival knife, candles, batteries, LED headlamp, weather proof matches etc

· Books and maps – survival books and maps

· Miscellaneous – cotton bandana, fishing kit, face paint, sewing kit, emergency whistle, cell phone, emergency radio etc.

Bug Out Bag Essentials

After reading this article, most of the people might have got an idea of what is a bug-out-pack and what is the importance of Bug Out Bag essentials. Apart from the above said essentials, one can also include the items into their bug-out-bag that they find to be important or required. One should always remember that Bug Out Bag is an individual thing and the requirements of one person differ from the other. So, if there is something essential in Bug Out Bag or want to skip a few items, one can do. The basic purpose of bug out bag items is to keep everything ready that protects us during natural calamities and disasters.

Emergency preparation is neither a hobby nor an activity. It is the way of living life. Hence, one should always be ready with bug out bag content list to avoid any trouble during disasters.