Emergency Food Recipes – Prepper’s Cookbook

Emergency Food Recipes

The First Cookbook Which Teaches How to Prepare for Disaster and Save You Thousands of Dollars on Grocery Bills Each Year

Are you looking to stock up on foods just in case the world comes to an end? Well, this book will certainly teach you that and a whole lot more — the ‘Prepper’s Cookbook’.

Emergency Food Recipes should have been the title of the ‘Prepper’s Cookbook’. That is because, no matter which way you look at it, this book is a life saver.

Whether that means knowing how to prepare and cook meals in the case of a natural disaster, or simply to get a lot more out of your shopping budget, and prepare the best tasting food in minutes.

Emergency Food Recipes

More than just emergency food education

The book claims to teach users how to stock and store foods in advance of a catastrophe, and then how to organize and maintain a proper and healthy emergency food supply. In actual fact, the book does a whole lot more than that. The book teaches readers to cook over 300 inexpensive recipes, and how to make huge savings on your grocery shopping!

Written by Tess Pennington

The Prepper’s Cookbook isn’t written by a chef, or even an outdoor survivalist. The Prepper’s Cookbook was written by Tess Pennington, who is arguably the number one specialist, when it comes to natural or unnatural preparedness, emergency food preparation, storage and how to rely on what you have since 2007. Before consulting the public on these important issues she worked for the American Red Cross, where she was trained in emergency and disaster management response.

More than just a cookbook

The first thing you will notice about this cookbook it isn’t easy to put down. There is a wealth of information and the book serves as an educational course on how to purchase, store, prepare, and cook delicious and nutritious foods. Plan a few hours of free time so you get sit down and enjoy it for the first time. It isn’t like you will be just using this book to follow your way through particular recipes or shopping lists.

Let’s get down to the PROS and CONS of this amazing book.


1. Pennington’s professional experience comes through in her very calm and professional writing style. This is not a book that is designed to ignite fear of the end of the world. The contents are factual, descriptions accurate, and processes should be followed calmly and efficiently.

2. The first few chapters are dedicated to educating someone who has absolutely no experience with preparing foods for storage. Pennington manages to squeeze a lot of information in 40 pages. Just because the book educates for the person who has no experience, there is still a lot to discovered by those who have been prepping food for storage for years.

3. The book provides a full plan for acquiring, preparing, storing and cooking over 300 recipes if you are the victim of a disaster. At the same time, the book also teaches us how to buy in bulk, save money and how to store those foods so we can eat them at a later time. This secondary use of the information provided, especially in a time when many Americans are struggling to make ends meet. This reason alone is enough to put this book at the number one in its category.

4. The numerous recipes on how to turn very ordinary foods into something delicious. A great bonus when you have unexpected guests, another book we could call Emergency Food Recipes


1. The only real negative point about this book is that all cooking uses traditional appliances. This implies one has access to their own power supply, which is often not the case. Examples how to cook over campfire, for example, could have been very useful.

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