Emergency Car Kit – Ultimate Set Of Requirements To Survive On The Road

Emergency Car Kit

Emergency Car Kit-“Survive the Road”

An Emergency car kit is similar to that of a life boat in a ship. It is absolutely necessary to have one that could help in times of emergency. The car emergency kit can save time by providing backup in during an emergency situation.

* Clore JNC300XL Portable 12 V Jump starter:

The device charges very quickly and is able to hold charge for several months. The device is very light and compact. Hence it is very easy to use as well as store the device. The battery of this jump starter is a lead acid battery and hence it provides more power without getting damaged easily. The only problem with the device is that, the battery will die off and become un-chargeable if it is kept for several months without using.

Emergency Car Kit

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* Cobra 29 CB radio:

This device can be used to access various weather stations while driving a car. The radio automatically tunes to any of the 10 nearest weather stations out of the 40 stations or tunes according to pre-set options by the user. The radio checker diagnostic tool provides critical information such as RF power, battery voltage and the condition of antenna. The radio alerts the user on severe weather conditions and is one of the best of its kind. The problem with this device is that, all of the parts are made of light plastic and are very fragile.

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* Clore ES 500 Portable Booster for battery:

The Clore ES 500 is one of the best devices in the Emergency car kit. The device is used to power up and start high power car engines. It has a peak current of 1500 amps with hot jaw clamps. The main advantage with the device is that, it doesn’t get overcharged and can be left plugged in without any fear of getting damaged. The device can also handle heavier duty batteries and can virtually power up any car engine. The problem with this device is that, it doesn’t have an accessory power outlet to charge smaller devices such as the cell phone.

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* 3M Headlight removal kit:

This product follows a simple 5 step mechanism to clean up the head light lenses. The product includes an abrasive compound, which could be used to remove the yellowish tint on the head light. It also has a polisher that could be used to polish the lens surface and give a whole new look to the head light. This product could be used with both head as well as tail lights. The minor disadvantage with this product is that, it is difficult to store it in the pouches provided by the manufacturer and hence can’t be saved for future use.

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* Resqme Key chain Car escape tool:

The Resqme key chain is an emergency car kit that is very useful in getting out of the car during an emergency situation. The key chain has stainless steel blades, which could be used to cut the seat belts immediately. The spring loaded spike can effectively break through any car glass and facilitates easy escape from the car in case of an emergency.

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Emergency car kits can protect people from disaster and prevent the situation from getting worse. It is always better to keep an emergency car kit inside the car to avoid disasters.