Best Survival Backpack – ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag

Best Survival Backpack - ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag

There are many survival backpacks in the market but you have to be very careful in your shopping in order to find the best survival backpack. An example of a survival backpack that will probably catch your attention is the Commander pack bag because of its excellent design and capacity. This article will provide with a brief review of this type of survival backpack and explain why it is the best survival backpack in the market.

Best Survival Backpack - ALPS OutdoorZ Commander Freighter Frame Plus Pack Bag

Product Description

A commander pack bag is a very versatile and well built pack bag that is suitable for expeditions but the gas are in most cases used by the military. Getting all gear to the base camp is a great challenge for many people but this is no longer a problem with this type of back bag. The back pack has quite a number of compartments that include the main compartment; accessory pockets, a rifle holder, spotting scope pocket and a front pocket.

The major advantage of the this type of pack bag is that it can serve as a Freighter Frame by being attached to the Commander when empty. It is possible to carry your your meat from one location to another because the bag’s frame allows you to do that. You can be sure that your meat will be secure because of the unique lashing system that comes with the Commander. Shoulder straps and a padded waist belt allow you to carry more weight compared to other types of pack bags.

The lashing straps can hold your shooting stix and is also possible fro one can also carry their knife and flash light in the bag pockets. Getting a Commander Pack Bag means getting a Freight Frame and Back Bag as a single product. The pack bag has a lot of space for one to carry expedition items and also its frame can be adjusted vertically.

The pack bag has clevis pin attachment and webbing pins for attachment. The pack bag has an internal horizontal divider and a hold -open frame. The 10 zippers allow for lower door access and top loading. The total weight of Commander Pack Bag combined with its frame is 7 pounds 5 ounces.


It has a good Freight Frame

It has many pockets for storing gear

The shoulder straps and padded waist belt allows you to carry more weight

The pack is solid and strong

It has a large frame

It can serve as a Freighter Frame and a Pack Bag

It is good for all weather

It is well built with an excellent design

It allows access from the top and bottom


It slightly heavy compared to other pack bags

The use of split springs in its designs is not effective when it comes to retaining adjustment pins and mounting

Its commander frame is overly squeaky


It is clear from this review that the the Commander pack bag is the best survival backpack because of its capacity and versatility. The pack bag guarantees you value for your money because it can actually serve you for more than ten years.

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