Best Emergency Radio – Sangean CL-100 Table-Top Weather Hazard Alert

Sangean CL-100 Table-Top Weather Hazard Alert


The CL-100 weather radio is a product of Sangean Electronics, a Taiwan based international company. It is considered to the best emergency radio for its useful features and offers more than many similar products in its range. If you are in need of a good weather radio on which you can listen to AM or FM and that will also alert you in case of an exigency look no further that the CL-100.

Sangean CL-100 Table-Top Weather Hazard Alert

Given below are some of the main features of this radio:

AM and FM Radio

Being a certified public radio it can tune in to all weather stations with good clarity. You can tune in to stations which you would like to receive and also disable alerts that you do not want to receive.

Message Alerts and Storage

It receives 3 types of messages including warnings, alerts and advisories. It stores up to 20 messages so that in case you miss any, you can play the recorded messages later.

Clear Display

The display is white against a black background and can be seen clearly in the day or at night. You can view different settings on the display including manual and automatic settings for the alarm clock, volume control for the siren, and settings for bass and treble.

Alarm Clock

The dual alarm clock can be set to sound a buzzer alarm or wake you up with music. It can also be set for one alarm for weekdays and another for the weekends. When it goes off the volume and pace of the alarm increase gradually till it reaches the set volume.

Battery Backup

The unit can be made to run on 4 AA batteries. In case there is an alert coming in it will not get deleted if the unit is being switched over to batteries.

Internal and External Antenna

The unit comes with an external antenna which can be installed outside to improve reception. This is in addition to the built-in antenna that is fitted on the unit.

Message Lockouts

This is a useful feature and you can block any alerts that you do not want in case you feel that it does not affect the area that you live in.

Pros –

The CL-100 is compact and portable and can be carried around easily. You can place it anywhere in the house. – The volume and quality of sound is good and can be used for music as well as alerts. – It comes with with built-in as well as an external antenna which is useful if you are in a building with a metal roof. – The alarm is highly customizable and can be set on weekdays as well as on weekends simultaneously.


Some people may find the headphone jack to be inconveniently placed as it is located behind the unit. In order to reach it the entire unit may have to be turned around. – The volume of the siren even at the lowest setting is very loud.


The CL-100 table-top weather hazard alert is small and compact making it very portable. Its dual alarm clock is customizable and can be set for two different schedules. A good speaker and an auxiliary-in socket enables you to enjoy audio files and music from an external source as well. The combination of utility and useful features makes the CL-100 the best emergency radio at its price.

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